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  1. Ok, so I just installed my passenger side seat. The s3 Recaro bases need to be grinded down a little where it hits the floor, and the seat belt buckle adjuster needs to be modified, in order to make the seats able to move all the way front and back. Oh and the airbag connectors needs to be swapped. Mk4 and Lupo rails are slightly different after all. If you remove the Recaro base and try to fit it in, you'll see what I mean.
  2. And it would cost more than those seats did A good wash did make a difference already . Not good as new but will do for now...
  3. Seats need some wash and paint...
  4. That looks cool!
  5. Thanks! It's something for my new (old) all red tail lights. Don't know if it will look any good tho...
  6. I've been lazy again, but finally there is something happening. New seats coming, some candy apple and radinox lips ready for Ozs. Parts getting painted and after some maintenance Lupo should be running this month.
  7. Wait... 8L seats fits straight in Lupo rails, right? Are Arosa rails different then, or why would you want to cut them?
  8. I've been searching for a while if this could be fitted in a Gti. Seems like some have made it work but most have failed. But can't really see what is the problem with those who couldn't make it work. In 6n2 Polo Gti it works? Those are also AVY with e-throttle right?
  9. Yes, thank you. I used that to dismantle the stalk! However, the reason for my half working wiper stalk is actually that dent in the plastic between the copper contacts. Seems like there has been a short circuit and it melted a dent there. Filling that dent solves my issue.
  10. Here is what I found. There is a dent in one of the copper contacts that stops the stalk from moving to "fast" position. I'll try to smooth that down to see if it helps.
  11. Well I always thought it just was that way and there is nothing wrong with it, so I never bothered to look into it. And i usually don't drive my loop in the rain anyways. Yes, mine does that too. Sometimes wiper just creeps up really slow when i lightly move the stalk. So seems like I'm missing the fast position... The stalk doesn't even move there.
  12. No one uses their wipers
  13. I like this a lot!
  14. I was wondering if it's normal or are there something wrong with my Gti's wipers. There is only two wiper settings in the stalk. Down is single wipe and up is really slow intermittent wipe. Wiper mechanism is fine, as I took it apart and oiled the joints and everything is moving smooth there. I mean there is better wipers in a lot crappier and older cars I've driven...