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  1. Short shifter

    You mean an oem tt one? Is it a lot shorter throw than in a standard mk4?
  2. Short shifter

    What are the options here? Couldn't find one for a Gti 5 speed but maybe one for Golf will work...
  3. Lupo GTI Xenon autolevel maulfunction

    Try 29-left light, or 39-right light if it works.
  4. G60 front brake caliper carriers

    Pm me with price if you have some for sale and are willing to ship abroad.
  5. wishbone/arb advice

    Grease, lots of it.
  6. Throttle response

    The tb is oily because the crankcase ventilation is routed in the filter housing above it. It is good to clean every once in a while tho.
  7. Throttle response

    Heavy flywheel
  8. Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    Cheap o steadicam.
  9. Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    I think I miss my wide inch Ozzies DSC_5572 by Leevi Myyry, on Flickr
  10. Lupo clock LED display broken

    Display is not soldered in
  11. front and rear badges

    Or you could possibly plastidip them while in the car. The rear VW badge is hard to get off without damaging the rubber surrounding part.
  12. Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    And yes it's illegal, but so is not having the rear fog light operating. Not a lot of the things i've done to the car is legal here.
  13. Lupo Gti, Recaros, bags, Exip Mega...

    Yeah I haven't found bright yellow bulbs in there yet. I've tried orange and green bulbs, both look the same. Ordered some bright yellow LED bulbs, but they are all orange, not yellow...