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  1. I think I miss my wide inch Ozzies DSC_5572 by Leevi Myyry, on Flickr
  2. Display is not soldered in
  3. Or you could possibly plastidip them while in the car. The rear VW badge is hard to get off without damaging the rubber surrounding part.
  4. And yes it's illegal, but so is not having the rear fog light operating. Not a lot of the things i've done to the car is legal here.
  5. Yeah I haven't found bright yellow bulbs in there yet. I've tried orange and green bulbs, both look the same. Ordered some bright yellow LED bulbs, but they are all orange, not yellow...
  6. I didn't like how the parking lights are in Lupos rear light, so since the lights are now all red, I moved them in the center. Now the blinker is where the fog lights used to be (fog light disabled). Also color coded rear Sharan badge. Waiting for 20mm spacers for the rears, 25mm poke too much.
  7. Exips painted finally and got some rubber on them. The s3 seats took some more effort than I thought. Mk4 and Lupo rails aren't the same after all. But with angle grinder and some other modifications I managed to get them fit and working.
  8. Ok, so I just installed my passenger side seat. The s3 Recaro bases need to be grinded down a little where it hits the floor, and the seat belt buckle adjuster needs to be modified, in order to make the seats able to move all the way front and back. Oh and the airbag connectors needs to be swapped. Mk4 and Lupo rails are slightly different after all. If you remove the Recaro base and try to fit it in, you'll see what I mean.
  9. And it would cost more than those seats did A good wash did make a difference already . Not good as new but will do for now...
  10. Seats need some wash and paint...
  11. That looks cool!
  12. Thanks! It's something for my new (old) all red tail lights. Don't know if it will look any good tho...