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  1. I ended up getting 195/50 as black circles didn't show anything for the other sizes. 205/45 is such an odd size even for normal tyres! They only rub on full lock in reverse so I'm just living with that in exchange for the vast increase in grip on the snow and ice. Edited to add - my car is on standard springs so it might be more of an issue if yours is lowered.
  2. A set of winters transforms a GTI in bad weather - I couldn't believe the difference when I got some for mine this year. Now work out in the sticks so I got some to make sure I didn't get stranded at the office. This week has been quite bad for snow & ice but the car just got on with the job, no fuss That's one hell of a trip, good luck! And make sure you have a full windscreen washer bottle when you set off, you'll be using it like there's no tomorrow.
  3. Lupo GTI winter tyres

    Just to update this thread, thanks for the advice. I ended up getting 195/50/r15 Goodyears. They only rub when on full lock in reverse so it doesn't bother me too much - my car is on standard springs. First icy morning today on my commute and they do give me that bit more confidence - there's just no drama which I what I was hoping for.
  4. Lupo GTI winter tyres

    I've recently changed jobs and now have a rural commute so I'm looking to get a set of winter tyres for my GTI. Ideally I don't want to swap the alloys as I like the look of the Bathursts so was wondering what my options were regarding tyre sizes. I've looked for 205/45s and 195/45s on black circles but the site says they don't have any available. Has anyone put winters on the Bathursts before and if so what tyres did you have? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  5. Chris's Laser Blue GTI

    It was Norwich, so close enough! Seems like plenty of people were tempted, the advert only went live three days before I bought it and the seller said he'd had about five phone calls! That's why I had to leave a deposit before I even saw the car.
  6. Chris's Laser Blue GTI

    The original reg is LD55EMX. As I said, I believe the first owner was an enthusiast but I've never seen any photos of the car on here before. They aren't actually Lupo mudflaps, they're from a BMW 1 series my mum used to have a 125i and had some fitted to hers which looked like they might fit onto my first GTI. There's a bit of cutting involved but they do look neat so I bought some more for the new one.
  7. Chris's Laser Blue GTI

    After selling my 2003 Anthracite GTI, I thought I'd introduce my new car, a 2005 Laser Blue GTI I never intended to sell my old one or buy this car, it just happened I was browsing Auto Trader one night and I saw a blue GTI for sale which looked nice. I always wanted a blue one but as we all know you can't be overly picky with colours due to the rarity of GTIs, and back in 2013 when I was looking, none were for sale. After looking more closely at the pictures, I began to wonder whether the car for sale was one of the super-rare Laser Blue models, of which less than ten are known to have been made. I compared the car with photos I found on Google and my suspicions were correct! That sealed the deal for me, and as well as the colour, it was completely unmodified, had only done 46k and had my dream spec of heated leather and air con, two options my old GTI didn't have. I phoned the seller on the Thursday and by Sunday I was driving it home! There was understandably a lot of interest in the car and I ended up having to leave a deposit before even viewing it to make sure nobody else got in there first. The best thing was the seller only bought the car from the first owner as a runaround for his girlfriend so he had no idea how rare it was! He couldn't believe the amount of interest he'd had but I didn't feel the need to let him know why As it hadn't been enthusiast-owned in recent years, it was a bit ropey in places but nothing that couldn't be sorted. I was reassured by the fact that the first owner appeared to be an enthusiast who, looking at the service history, had clearly spent a lot of money maintaining the car, in addition to the £14k he would have paid for it when new A bit of fettling would it get it back to its former glory so I bought the car, but didn't use it for about a month so it could be brought up to standard. I had the wheels refurbished as they were in a dreadful state, fitted a new high-level brake light as the old old one didn't work, and went through a full paint correction process using a machine polisher to bring the colour back. Anyway enough waffling, onto the photos: And one with the other cars in the family, as you can tell we're all petrolheads Loving the car so far and I'm planning to keep it standard. My old one was lowered but I'm willing to accept the slightly floatier handling for a comfier ride, and I think it's important with the rarity of the Laser Blue models. Thanks for looking
  8. 2003 Lupo GTI Anthracite 73k *SOLD*

    Now £4995
  9. 2003 Lupo GTI Anthracite 73k *SOLD*

    The car will be on display in the 'cars for sale' section at the VW North West show at Tatton Park on Sunday if anyone's going
  10. My 2003 GTI is now up for sale. Details as follows: 2003 (03) Anthracite 73,500 miles 6 speed Black and red cloth interior with leather door cards 6 CD changer Lowered on Weitech coilovers but otherwise mechanically standard 11 months' MOT The car has had a lot spent on it in the past six months. In the 2 and a half years I've had it, it's had: Electric fan Thermostat Bottom balljoints Wheels refurbished New rear brake calipers along with discs and pads all round Exhaust centre section Indicator stalk High-level brake light The car comes with full service history and 3 keys. I've used a fantastic German car specialist in Sheffield for all the servicing and repairs in the time I've owned the car. It was first bought in Glasgow and was owned by a collector for a few years which is why the mileage is low compared to a lot of GTIs. The only extra is the 6CD changer. The car was in good condition when we bought it and its clearly been looked after over the years. Anything it's needed it's had done since I've had it and the garage I use have always used genuine parts because they know how valuable the car is to me and the rarity of it. £4,995 For any further details call 07531180363 (my number) or 07811446325 (my dad's number) if I'm unavailable. Some photos: Private number plate has now been taken off so is not included. Thanks for looking Chris
  11. Lupo GTI Wanted

    In the next month to six weeks I'll be putting my 2003 GTI up for sale. Details as follows: 2003 (03) Anthracite 73,000 miles 6 speed Black and red cloth interior with leather door cards 6 CD changer Lowered on coilovers but otherwise mechanically standard The car will have 12 months MOT before being advertised. I've had it for 2 and a half years and it's been an absolute joy to drive and own. I'm only selling it because I've bought another one PM me if you want any more info. I'm on holiday twice over the next month which is why I'm waiting to advertise it to avoid issues with people coming to view etc. Can't seem to find any photos of the interior, apologies for that.
  12. I've just bought some Arosa heater controls and headlight switch for my GTI. Managed to fit the heater controls but I'm struggling to work out how to release the old headlight switch. Does the entire plastic surround which goes around the air vent have to be removed or is it possible to just remove the old switch and slot the new one into place? I can't seem to find any screws or clips which allow me to remove it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. I prefer the look of the circular heater controls and headlight switch from the Arosas and I want to replace the ones in my Lupo. I've seen these ones on eBay and wondered if anyone could tell me whether they'd be a simple straight swap? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SEAT-AROSA-2001-NON-AIRCON-HEATER-CONTROL-PANEL-6H0819045-/301898690745?fits=Car+Make%3ASeat%7CModel%3AArosa&hash=item464a9070b9:g:zyIAAOSwZQxW6C7l http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SEAT-AROSA-2001-HEADLIGHT-FOG-LIGHT-SWITCH-6H0941531D-/301898793917?fits=Car+Make%3ASeat%7CModel%3AArosa&hash=item464a9203bd:g:P20AAOSwu1VW6FMk Thanks
  14. Just wondering if there should be a screw-in towing hook that originally came with the car as my dad has just bought one (a car, that is) and there doesn't appear to be one in the boot with the screwdriver and spanner etc. What should there be in the boot with the tools as it looks as though there maybe other things missing; seems to be slots and spaces but nothing in them. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Wheel alignment stats

    Just had new balljoints fitted on my Lupo GTI and want to have the wheel alignment done as well. I've got Weitech coilovers on at the moment; does anyone know where I could find the alignment stats for these? Cheers