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  1. Cptsideways

    Rare 2001 Lupo 3L 1.2 Tdi Manual - Now Fixed

    Clutch is now fixed, will be MOT'd in the next week or so
  2. Cptsideways

    Rare 2001 Lupo 3L 1.2 Tdi Manual - Now Fixed

    It's not moved for almost a year, stuck a battery on it & started straight up drove it 10miles home from storage. It is driveable but requires to be started in gear, once moving gear changes are easy enough. Some more research has suggested this could be the slave cylinder sleeve which is about £5 but is a box out job to get to it. The clutch is heavier than normal but it bites fine, it feels like its not releasing fully but does occasionally! It needs a good polish, the pictures make it look better than it is close up. Comes with full tank of fuel in it!
  3. Cptsideways

    Rare 2001 Lupo 3L 1.2 Tdi Manual - Now Fixed

    Buzz me a message on 07970642129
  4. My very rare 2001 Lupo 3L 1.2 Tdi Manual is up for sale, for the simple reason I've not used it for over a year & its a little project for someone who's spanner handy (Its now FIXED!!!!) What's a 3L you ask? Its about £35 to fill it up & you get over 600miles on a tank! & free road tax too. Very rarely available & hard to find even in Europe, the most economical road car with an engine ever produced, this one is correctly registered in the UK. Its been converted to manual (these are originally an automated manual gearbox but the hydraulic robot gear change mechanism has been deleted & a clutch pedal fitted along with ecu reprogramming etc to make it work, not a simple task on these.) Just after its last MOT It had a broken clutch guide sleeve that is now fixed & whilst there I put a new friction plate in & its all working as it should. Drivers door lock does needs sorting, its works but only just, again a simple job. I will put a new MOT on it over the next week or so, it only done 400miles since the last one! I'm guessing you know all about them but if not, ally bonnet, doors & boot, magnesium subframe, magnesium wheels, magnesium steering wheel, aluminium engine block, aluminium rear drums, lightweight gearbox shafts, etc etc for a super low curb weight. Aero tweaks & lower than a standard car from the factory, ride is great. 80mpg is about the norm but more is easily possible and they'll just about do 1000km on a tank of fuel. 1.2Tdi with a VATN Turbo, it bombs about better than a 1.4Tdi due to the low weight, really tall gearing & surprisingly quiet on the road. Metallic Black Aubergine 89,000 Miles/145k KM Air Con & working fine (rare option on the 3L) Electric Cabin Heater (original feature for quick defrosting) its inbuilt into in normal heater It is LHD (3L's only came in LHD) originally an Italian car & rust free throughout even underneath on the rear subframe etc On nearly new winter tyres Free Road Tax! Band A 88g Co2 correctly registered with a COC doc low emissions etc Clean & tidy throughout, needs a good polish as its been sat round far too long, its not mint but is tidy V5 here in my name, I registered it in the UK about 2 years ago Currently I've lost the service folder if I find it thats a bonus I will put a new MOT on it in the next week or so as the previous one expired where I've not used it. The car is located in North Dorset SP8 my number is 07970642129 Declan £1800 with a new MOT
  5. I am putting my 3L up for sale as I have bought another one from Italy. Ive owned it a couple of years now. These are rare! never seen another in the flesh in the UK yet. Fun to drive & monumentally economical. £2300 ono Its bright green, left hand drive, Automatic tiptronic (manual 5 Speed gearbox but hydraulic changes) Year 2000, August 2016 MOT, 96000 miles, Cheap'ish to tax £135 per year Yes it does stupid MPG,s 75 is about normal but 90+ is quite achievable 33l get you to the French Apls from Dorset. It's not slow either, surprisingly spritely Yes it has ally doors, boot, bonnet & lightweight glass, the magnesium alloys & seat frames etc It is Cat C had a front wing & bumper painted at some point in its life. It's tidy inside & out I like to keep my cars clean Will come on it original reg number not the private plate The Insight is mine too (not for sale currently) Car is on N Dorset but I do travel for work my number is 07970642129 Declan
  6. Cptsideways

    New member with a Lupo 3L 1.2 Tdi - Called Kermit

    Check my profile on the left<< & also run a 1JZ-GTE JZX81 Cresta
  7. Cptsideways

    New member with a Lupo 3L 1.2 Tdi - Called Kermit

    Well its my eco car out of a collection of not very eco cars... However I do hypermile it where possible but don't go silly. It does much of the work itself, its coasts on downhills, has start stop etc. I often instruct eco driving (when not instructing on circuit!) so can easily eeek the best out of it without really trying. I've have the Torque app & a V-Gate dongle & its interesting to see what makes it eco with the live data displaying. There's a few aero mods planned & some tweaks here & there, as & when I get time to play with it.
  8. Hello all, thought I'd introduce myself as no doubt I will have a few questions coming soon. I've recently bought a 3L & have been getting the hang of it. I've owned a multitude of cars over the years & this one I'm quite liking. My record so far on the economy front is 114mpg over 250m, but its generally doing mid 80's in normal driving. I've a few mods planned, cruise control & possibly a manual conversion....

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