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  1. Beta aux cable

    i had the same issue i ended out getting rid of the CD player and plugging it into the back of the radio. I got mine from ebay might want to make sure its got a ground wire aswell.
  2. Japanese LUPO GTI's

    There is a company on Ebay who import lupo GTI's all their photos have yellow garages in the back ground. I say this because i cant remember what the company is called.
  3. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    ive got these wheels aswell ive been trying to get a set of those VW stickers for the centre caps!
  4. garage clearout

    battery tray and seats?
  5. ENGINE needed for Lupo Gti 6 spd avy

    Ive got a engine which is good. and a 6speed gearbox that needs rebuilding.
  6. lupo gti head wanted

    got a full engine and gearbox spare atm

    Why is it that none of the pictures load on the website anymore? they are either completely missing or comes up with a message?
  8. GTI 3rd party Ball joints

    i have that exact OEM one on my car. been on there for about 6 months no trouble at all.
  9. isnt there some clips that hold the two peices together aswell? i think if you look in the wheel arch there is one? probably not the solution but something i noticed the other day that might help
  10. Headlight polish. Before and after :)

    would you recommend possibly starting with something like a 400/600 grit? would the clear coat idea not work? ive seen people do it on plastic headlights didnt know if they would work on gti headlights
  11. Headlight polish. Before and after :)

    oh right i see mine have alot of stone chips on. i was wondering weather sanding them down. clear coating them, then doing this process would help with those? thoughts? anyone elses opinions are greatful on this idea please.
  12. Headlight polish. Before and after :)

    were yours stone chipped? im thinking about doing this to mine but i have stone chips and am unsure how well this will work
  13. New or refurbed lupo gti wheels

    ill have a look for you and if i find them i will put a link on here
  14. New or refurbed lupo gti wheels

    i believe there are a set on one of the facebook groups (i cant remember which one) for sale. not in perfect condition but they were that nice i was considering swapping mine.
  15. ABS PUMP & ECU

    well thats a good question rich. thats why i am asking im not sure where and if people have put it else where.