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  1. Lupo door stay broken - help

    Wouldn't know what I'm looking at really but it seems solid enough to me.
  2. Lupo door stay broken - help

    I can't tell you anything about the welding as I just paid someone to do it, but I can show you what they did:
  3. Lupo door stay broken - help

    You can't see anything from the inside. I had the bracket welded in the end. Works fine now.
  4. You shouldn't need any connectors, all you need to do is take the ISO harness that comes with the unit and swap the yellow and red bullet connectors around. You might need an aerial connector, the long type you push in
  5. New member

  6. Hi everyone

    Looks good. Welcome
  7. poor radio reception

    Forget FM, get yourself a DAB radio with proper aerial
  8. Things to look for when buying

    On a car this old I'm thinking rust is your biggest enemy. There is the weak spot above the drivers door, in the wierd gulley type thing. Also check the door check straps for snapping, although that's not a huge problem. Ask if the pedal box has ever been fixed. Google this forum for details of the fault.
  9. I've done it before, there are some video guides on youtube that show disassembly. It's worth having an extra pair of hands if you can. And be very careful when you try to take the barrel out of the door, the metal collar can fall off and is a nightmare to get back on, so if possible get someone else to turn the Torx screw whilst you look at the lock from the inside of the door so you can see when it lines up and not turn it too far! Reassembling the lock barrel can also be tricky and need two pairs of hands, pushing the paddle down and locking it in with the srping is tricky but doable.
  10. MAP sensor woes :(

    Didn't say it was broken The error is coming from the MAP sensor, just don't know the exact cause.
  11. MAP sensor woes :(

    Yes the MAP sensor was changed for a brand new one, and yes all the other errors have gone when that work was done. The transmission problem went away completely. Anyone know where the wiring for the MAP sensor goes? Is it accessible? Engine code is AUA 1.4 16v 75hp Thanks for the input
  12. MAP sensor woes :(

    The error code is 17566 - Manifold Pressure Sensor (G71): Implausible Signal P1158 - Intermittent http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/17566/P1158 It seems to come up within a couple minuts of starting the engine from cold, but if I clear it it doesn't come on again, although I only drove it for 10 minutes.
  13. Anyone got ideas of things to check? Car keeps throwing up EPC error on every journey. If you clear it at the start of the journey you might be able to drive 10 miles without it coming on again. But it always comes on at least once MAP sensor implausible reading - intermittent. So far have done: Brake servo vacuum pipe replaced (error went away for 3 months after this was fixed) MAP sensor replaced Visible holes have been repaired
  14. 1.4 poverty spec newbie

    You're right about the electric windows, wish I didn't have em Welcome