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  1. Coming along very nicely
  2. Now i know this is probably a waste of time without pics ( I've tried just cant seem to post pics) but here goes anyway, 4 x 17" x 7" Fox FX1 , 5 spoke alloys ET38 with Nankang 185/35/17 , NS2 tyres alloys are sprayed white and in good nick, tyres are ok, can put straight on car, there is one centre cap missing, these go straight on a Lupo , no probs at all, and mines lowered. Will also fit 4 stud Polos and Golfs and incidentally 4 stud Fords. Buyer must collect, I'm in St Helens.
  3. If anyone is interested, there's a feature in May's edition ( out now. ) of Modern Classics about the Lupo GTI under the title Tiny Heroes. Gets a good right up !
  4. Nice alloys, what's the quality / finish like from Smart wheels Manchester ?
  5. I'LL second that !
  6. Mmmm, nice,very nice !! Both of um.
  7. Nice one !
  8. Sorry for delay in replying, yep passed no problems, bloke said its in superb condition. I was chuffed with that.
  9. M.O.T today, fingers crossed.
  10. Much better than the black wheels, very nice !
  11. I presume you lift the seats forward 1st were people sit , then put the rear seats down ? Also i find removing the head rests helps a bit.
  12. Very very nice !
  13. Mmm, unless its the 17s, must be something slightly wrong, although doesn't feel like it, its due a MOT and service end of March, will ask them to check it over a bit more than usual.
  14. My TDI is mapped by Awesome , but that doesn't mean less mpg ,does it? in fact in some cases you can get more, so I've heard. Also i have 17" alloys on mine too. But still the same rolling radius ( or not far of as my 14" alloys ) would they make such a big difference. Like i say engine wise its driving brilliantly.
  15. I'm very interested to know how TDI owners get 58-65 mpg, I've never got know near that. I manage between 38-45 mpg. The car is well serviced, i don't drive like a loon, so how come?