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  1. Now sold thabks for the interest
  2. Thanks for the advice
  3. Make: VW Model: Lupo, 1.0 SE Engine size: 999cc Fuel type: Petrol Mileage: 39,700 Description including modifications: Excellent condition Three owners (two in the same family) OEM+ specification including: CD player (including correct illumination) Original unused carpet mats, Rubber over mats to the front, Intermittent wiper modification, Rare ABS brakes option, Original roof rack complete with keys, Boot liner, Full sized unused original wheel, Recently changed tyres all matching (Michelin) front and rear mud flaps, Pollen filter, Brand new VW catalytic converter. Wheels are immaculate with only one very small graze on one wheel. No marks to the body work (scratches or dents). Smoke and pet free home(s). Serviced and genuinely cared for Location: Reading, Berkshire Images: Price: £1,950 Please note: the car is SORN, untaxed and therefore no on road test drives will be possible. This car has served me well and is a really good example that is now looking for a new home
  4. Sorry didn't realise there was a time limit on posting ....couldn't resist, sorry 😄
  5. Just cleaned out my blocked scuttles *ohhh errr!* hopefully my misting will clear
  6. this arrived today
  7. I would have if I had the kit - it would also have saved me £50 on having the lambda sensor hole moved!
  8. Yeah, in lieu of sensible replies I tried that and found one - thanks all.
  9. thanks.
  10. I'm replacing my catalytic converter however the OD of the new cat is ~50mm and the centre silencer is ~43mm. What's the best way of joining these (that doesn't include baked bean cans Skezza!)
  11. I'm about to change my cat, the old one has a post cat lambda sensor however the new one has a pre cat lambda sensor. Will this cause a problem? If so my plan is to move the threaded lambda sensor hole
  12. Yeah, but they all want to charge rrp £650! (don't tell skezza!)
  13. I know what you're saying, dartford is about 100 miles from me so I'd like to make this one work
  14. I'll give them a buzz. My only other thought was to drill a hole and weld a suitable nut over the hole.
  15. My plate always comes up as a beetle so I make sure to always provide the vin. It's a 1.0 se