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  1. I ran AP coilovers for 3 years, not bad for the money but a bit harsh on our roads. Recently changed to BC's, I run these on the softest damping setting and what a differenfe compared to the AP's! The ride and handling has improved massively.
  2. Looks a lovely car mate. You have gone down the exact same route as me, I started out doing all the stance rubbish! Then realise how good these cars do handle! The BC coilovers are amazing👍🏼
  3. Appreciate that! Yeah i prefer the previous one for all round looks. But this one goes with the theme of the car more now👍🏼 Yeah its incredible the difference, i never realised the difference good coilovers can make!
  4. Cheers! Around 2.5kg per wheel so a good unsprung weight loss👍🏼 Yeah they are 195/45
  5. Haha looks nearly identical! I got them from a friend, they were nearly new and i think he did get them from Demon Tweeks👍🏼
  6. Cheers mate! Cheers! I haven't got round to fitting the boot popper yet but it's on the list to do👍🏼
  7. Had a change up wheels, wasn't sure how these were going to look but they turned out better than i thought👌🏼
  8. One of my closest friends is parts manager at CW, he has told me VW are unlikely to make anymore Ball joints unfortunately!
  9. You'll soon notice, the rear feels like it follows the car more.
  10. I originally set mine to the stiffest setting, found out soon after that it felt a bit too snappy. Changed it to the middle setting and the difference is amazing, well worth the upgrade👍🏼
  11. A few new updates. The Lupo has had a full refresh underneath, every single bush has been replaced with new OEM. Decided it was time to get rid of the AP's for something better, went for BC Racing coilovers and I am so glad I did. Mega impressed with the way these ride and handle! Also decided i fancied some harnesses so got myself a harness bar and a set of OMP harnesses. I think they go really well with the Recaro's. Also fancied a bit more noise so I had a custom decat fitted. A couple of pictures and video below👍🏼
  12. I'd have a set of these as well👍🏼
  13. Do you have a passenger side driveshaft mate?