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  1. OMP Trecento Steering Wheel 300mm

    Absolutely perfect condition, only used for a few months. Does not include the boss kit. Comes with horn.
  2. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI

    Haha thats the trouble i'm having to! Cheers! Definitely growing on me now👍🏼
  3. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI

    Thanks! They are growning on me now👍🏼 Yeah they are the easiest wheels i've ever had to clean😂
  4. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI

    I already had the light Team Dynamics on before hand so its hard to tell between those two. But going from the standards to TD's, that was quite a bit of difference👍🏼
  5. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI

    Cheers man👍🏼
  6. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI

    About time I updated this, always forget these days! Done a track day recently at Snetterton, the most fun i've ever had i think! The car performed so well, made me realise how good these little cars are! I'll leave a few pictures from the trackday below. I also got my hands on a set of OZ Ultralegerra's, lightest 15" wheel you can get👍🏼 Let me know what you think!
  7. 20VT Lupo Coilover Question

    Have a look into BC Racing Coilovers. I run them on my GTI. I came from AP's and the difference was incredible. You have 30 clicks of damping adjustment as well👍🏼
  8. Advice on lupo gti lowering suspension

    I ran AP coilovers for 3 years, not bad for the money but a bit harsh on our roads. Recently changed to BC's, I run these on the softest damping setting and what a differenfe compared to the AP's! The ride and handling has improved massively.
  9. George's Lupo GTI (Daily/Track Build)

    Looks a lovely car mate. You have gone down the exact same route as me, I started out doing all the stance rubbish! Then realise how good these cars do handle! The BC coilovers are amazing👍🏼
  10. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI

    Appreciate that! Yeah i prefer the previous one for all round looks. But this one goes with the theme of the car more now👍🏼 Yeah its incredible the difference, i never realised the difference good coilovers can make!
  11. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI

    Cheers! Around 2.5kg per wheel so a good unsprung weight loss👍🏼 Yeah they are 195/45
  12. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI

    Haha looks nearly identical! I got them from a friend, they were nearly new and i think he did get them from Demon Tweeks👍🏼
  13. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI

    Cheers mate! Cheers! I haven't got round to fitting the boot popper yet but it's on the list to do👍🏼