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  1. christophertr6

    Gti bumper

    Got the lower half of a silver one. Not perfect but ok.
  2. christophertr6

    Lupo 1.0 heater struggles to blow hot air

    Possible but unlikely. It the stat is open then the water will be fully cooled by rad & fan etc all the time. The stat shuts water off from the rad and allows the engine to heat the water quickly - stat then opens only when water gets hot allowing cooling. Stat opens & closes to keep the temp steady (at about 87deg). So if stat is open then you'd have to do some serious driving to get the water fully hot.
  3. christophertr6

    Lupo 1.0 heater struggles to blow hot air

    If the temp gauge is not rising this may indicate the thermostat has failed open so the water is not able to get to temperature hence the heater does not deliver any warmth. Changing it is not a huge job & not expensive so its a good start. The temperature sensor could also be faulty & that could also explain the temp gauge not working.
  4. christophertr6

    Lupo GTI Front Bumper Wanted

    Got a lower part of a silver bumper spare. In Twickenham. Cheers
  5. christophertr6

    Lupo GTI Bonnet

    If you are still interested I have 2 bonnets available. One silver & one orange (non standard colour) both ding free. In Twickenham. Cheers.
  6. christophertr6

    Seat airbag resistors

    Ok, got this sorted. It is a 2.7 ohm resistor that is needed in the under seat air bag harness plug to put the air bag light out (well thats to one that worked for me). Mistake I made was buying 2.7 Kohm resistors to start with - 1000 times too much resistance! The tails of the resistor should be connected to the white cable and the blue or green cable depending on which side seat we are talking about, and not to the brown wire. Then using VCDS lite, I cleared the codes & the airbag light behaved as it should - i.e. came on then went out again. Now all I have to do is wire in the heating elements. Got a Kufatec loom in but need to know where to connect the 12v ignition feed.......any advice?
  7. christophertr6

    Seat airbag resistors

    Not bad. Give that a try.
  8. christophertr6

    Seat airbag resistors

    Thanks for that, but to test the resistance with a meter involves putting a current through the system which has the capability of firing the air bag igniters which I rather like to avoid! But I do agree that measuring the original resistance would be the fool proof way forward. Anybody know to do this "passively"?
  9. I have removed the cloth interior from my GTI and fitted a leather one. Yet to wire the heating elements in but thats another storey. The leather seats do not have shoulder airbags where as the originals did. Under the seat are the yellow airbag connections with 3 wires. A brown, a white, and a blue or green depending on which side of the car. I have tried inserting resistors bridging the white and blue & white and green. I have tried 2.2 ohm, 2.4 ohm & 2.7 ohm. I have done both sides at once and cleared the fault codes using vcds lite between each attempt. But the dash light refuses to stay out. I have not tried bridging the resistor between the brown wire & either white or blue and green. Can anyone clarify for me which connections should the resistor be connected to?
  10. christophertr6

    Heated seat switches/loom for GTI

    Ah. Just had a refund from the German suppliers of my loom - so I guess I'm not getting a replacement. Bugger. Is the Polo loom on Kufatec site the correct one for Lupo? And the real problem I am having is where to actually get the 12v power for the seat loom from. Where do you actually make the connection? I have dragged the fuse box out and can see where to insert the new blade fuse holder at location 50 but one side of that needs to go to 12v feed. I'm in danger of revealing incompetence here but.... HELP!
  11. christophertr6

    Heated seat switches/loom for GTI

    Thanks for that. Twas a German loom I bought - but getting it changed as I ordered one for a pre 200 car instead of 2005. I can work most things out but its where I get the 12v live feed from for main power that I need to know, and the illumination feed (which I guess is from light switch). The loom I'm getting has blade connections to insert into port 50 of the fuse box to allow a bladed fuse to be inserted but that in itself won't provide the power. The instructions that came with the loom were in German and Google Translate actually identified one of the wire colours as "eyebrows".........which didn't inspire confidence! I'll pick this up when the loom gets here.
  12. christophertr6

    Heated seat switches/loom for GTI

    Hi again. Need a bit of help with my leather seats. I have got switches & a loom, but the instructions from the site are a translation from German and not very helpful. I can work most things out but need to know how & were to get the power from. I have taken some of the dash trim out to try & get to the fuse box and make a connection at fuse 51. But before I go too far in ripping things out I'd like to hear of others experience and maybe a guide or method statement? Photos would be good. I have checked the "how to" guides but didn't find anything there - or have I missed something?
  13. christophertr6


    My1.0 SE does around an indicated 80 mph with around 4200rpm showing. (approx.)
  14. christophertr6

    Heated seat switches/loom for GTI

    Thanks for that. Tis what I assumed. Mine is a very late model car but seats I bought were from a Y plate. Ideally I need to find leather front seats with air bags, but In the meantime I'll use the resistor trick. I'll see how I get on with the leather. Cloth has got a lot going for it. I may even try & put the heating elements into the cloth seats.....
  15. christophertr6

    Heated seat switches/loom for GTI

    And what rating resistor is used?