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  1. Stevemaster

    Lupo GTI - Bad Low.

    Recaro Pole Position are thr best decision because everybody is driving CS Nice steering wheel!!
  2. Stevemaster

    Steve´s oem GTI :)

    Okay, better call it oem+ and everything is fine!! I take the original mirrors ... I will show you pics of them
  3. Stevemaster

    Steve´s oem GTI :)

    What Off my listet Parts is Not OEM... Spacers? Mirrors are OEM but with Real Carbon... Cupra lip is a OEM Seat Part and the bbs are from the Golf 4 jubi
  4. Stevemaster

    Steve´s oem GTI :)

    Yes not so easy with my iPad
  5. Stevemaster

    Steve´s oem GTI :)

    Yess... real carbon - **** vinyl, only real carbon is the right carbon But I´ll sale them as well!! What do you mean with "not so OEM anymore" funny Silver?!? front 15mm and rear 20mm each side ...
  6. Stevemaster

    Romanian Lupo - the UPO

    Hey, things are going on at your loop! Nice work with the AUX and how about polishing the headlight... hard work?! You did it with a maschine!
  7. Stevemaster

    Steve´s oem GTI :)

    Hi, Saison preperations are going on and on cupra lip some new interiour parts carbon mirrors new bbs badges and some H&R Spacers (front and rear) to get the bbs out Pics will come
  8. Hmmm... that´s bad and what says your vw partner in uk?! Ask them!!
  9. Blau = blue in German!! Maybe that helps
  10. Cheers yes, everytime is time for BBS!!!
  11. Stevemaster

    Lupo GTi - D8OPE

    Congrats to "best loop" .... it´s definitly one of the best loop on earth!!!
  12. Looks awesome your low "lady" No News from the loop because it´s perfect as it is
  13. Stevemaster

    German Lupo...endless story

    good idea to visit worthersee once in your life ... you have to see it
  14. Stevemaster

    German Lupo...endless story

    MIVW is a great alternative to the SEE ... which problems with cops?? Nice Mini Rims... want to see pics when there are on

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