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  1. Lupo GTI - Bad Low.

    Recaro Pole Position are thr best decision because everybody is driving CS Nice steering wheel!!
  2. Steve´s oem GTI :)

    Okay, better call it oem+ and everything is fine!! I take the original mirrors ... I will show you pics of them
  3. Steve´s oem GTI :)

    What Off my listet Parts is Not OEM... Spacers? Mirrors are OEM but with Real Carbon... Cupra lip is a OEM Seat Part and the bbs are from the Golf 4 jubi
  4. Steve´s oem GTI :)

    Yes not so easy with my iPad
  5. Steve´s oem GTI :)

    Yess... real carbon - **** vinyl, only real carbon is the right carbon But I´ll sale them as well!! What do you mean with "not so OEM anymore" funny Silver?!? front 15mm and rear 20mm each side ...
  6. Romanian Lupo - the UPO

    Hey, things are going on at your loop! Nice work with the AUX and how about polishing the headlight... hard work?! You did it with a maschine!
  7. Steve´s oem GTI :)

    Hi, Saison preperations are going on and on cupra lip some new interiour parts carbon mirrors new bbs badges and some H&R Spacers (front and rear) to get the bbs out Pics will come
  8. Hmmm... that´s bad and what says your vw partner in uk?! Ask them!!
  9. Blau = blue in German!! Maybe that helps
  10. Cheers yes, everytime is time for BBS!!!
  11. Lupo GTi - D8OPE

    Congrats to "best loop" .... it´s definitly one of the best loop on earth!!!
  12. Looks awesome your low "lady" No News from the loop because it´s perfect as it is
  13. German Lupo...endless story

    good idea to visit worthersee once in your life ... you have to see it
  14. German Lupo...endless story

    MIVW is a great alternative to the SEE ... which problems with cops?? Nice Mini Rims... want to see pics when there are on