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    SDi Radiator Fan

    Fan has cut in okay when stationary in traffic but made loads of noise. When the garage ran it up to temperature after radiator out for alternator change, they said it was noisy too! When spun over by hand it feels rough and graunchy. Nothing appears broken on the fan itself (curved blades) although it doesn't seem to have a balance weight/clip.
  2. Does anyone know the correct Bosch number for an SDi coolant fan? The V Dub no. is 6N0 959 455E a 200/60w 2-speed as far as I can tell. The only Bosch one I've found is 0 130 107 291 which has two pins on the connector making it a single speed motor. My current fan as fitted (a Temic) has 3 pins as has the thermostatic switch on the radiator. Whilst asking, can anyone advise on the easiest way to get the fan out as it appears blocked by the top hose on the SDi?