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  1. lupo gets a new heart =)

    It must be that time of year, mine's due a transplant next week, no compression on no1 cylinder.
  2. My new Lupo 1.0 E 2005.

    Nice find! Hope you have fun with your little Lupo.
  3. Best introduce myself..

    Lucky sod, my first car was a 1962 LandRover. Welcome.
  4. Leyla the lupo 1.4s

    Ouch, bad luck with the kerb, but it's looking good.
  5. Project Lupo.

    Well saved!
  6. Premium Membership

  7. Premium Membership

    It's not for me to say, I've been warned already. Cough up a tenner for the full story!
  8. Grey Arosa in Sandal, Wakefield.

    Seen yesterday at the Murco filling station on Barnsley Rd. Any takers?
  9. Premium Membership

    I don't have a sister, but if you find my gf let me know, I haven't seen her for 16 years. In fact I suspect she might not be my gf any more.
  10. Premium Membership

    Me & my big mouth!
  11. Premium Membership

    Best ten quid I've spent in ages, I've only been a member for 2 weeks but the forums on here have saved me a mint already, which is nice as I'm on the sick & skint as f**k. It's got to be worth the cost of a couple of gallons of petrol just to read about Rich's works do.
  12. Arosa picture thread.

    My mate had a Seicento in a very similar colour, someone knocked it onto it's roof in a supermarket car park. Now he's got a 1.4 Lupo.
  13. Sweet! Just bought a new front indicator panel in primer for 30 quid.

  14. Pinking In my 1lr

    Mine is pinking too, I changed the plugs today and they were black and filthy so it doesn't appear to be running weak. I'm going to change the oil and filter and air filters tomorrow. If that doesn't do the trick I'll try cleaning the injectors. Not familiar with this new-fangled stuff, this is the first water cooled car I've had in over 20 years. Edit. That did the trick, runs sweet now.
  15. my polo breadvan 1992 1.3 for swaps

    Fair swap.