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    Do the brake lights work? Baro sensor is under manifold, check wiring and operation
  2. t reg 1.4s probs

    When the throttle pedal is twitching its the throttle body thats correcting. Its trying to stop the engine from cutting out, could be one of several problems, throttle body needs a clean and reset..first thing id try, cures most idle probs on lupos. Then id check breather system, vacuum pipes for leaks (your hunting issue) or if you have access to one, use a scantool or vagcom to see what codes you have, more than likely lambda or egr faults due to the throttle failing. Hope this is helpful. :-)
  3. Borbets

    Its hardly possible to get a 165 on an 8j, on my borbets I had 195 on a 7.5j and it had a sexy stretch! I could go down to a 185 but it looked better and handled better with the 195s, so in perspective you would struggle to get a smaller tyre than me on a wider rim than me and keep safety and handling... Iv seen and tried silly stretches at work in the past just to push the limits but you start to lose safety, I.e I have fitted a space saver tyre onto a 7j rim just to say "I can do it" but id be stupid to drive on it! Lol
  4. Borbets

    Not true im afraid, only solid rule to fail mot is shatp protrusions, theres nothing sharp about rubber, but theres is a limit, over an inch and thats taking the p##s
  5. Lupo SDi air intake bore size

    Sure I will when I get the snow off it ill take some for ya!
  6. Lupo SDI 1.7 Good Price?

    Iv just serviced mine with 10w40 semi, runs quiet!
  7. Higih fuel consumption

    Was yours a 4 pin green?
  8. Borbets

    I had some genuine borbet a 16" on my mk3 golf and there was a part number on the back of one of the spokes, that should be a good sign, plus I think the 15s are copies?! I might be wrong but im sure borbet only made these in 16" Hope this helps!
  9. Best oil for a 2004 lupo 1.4s

    10w40 is good
  10. rear break piston comes off! help,,

    Exactly! You will need a windback tool or if you dont wana buy one, you can use some grips or big pliers to rurn it and some more big grips to compress the piston back into the caliper, it wont work otherwise...
  11. sdi tuning HELP iv hit a mental block!

    I bet, nice mk2 btw! ll prove a point between me and you..
  12. Lupo SDI 1.7 Good Price?

    Are you the guy I bought mine from?? You called James... Its done 87k...its vreg... Sdi s... All coincidental!?
  13. Hi all I have a nice gti gauge pod cover/hood that has been flocked red Any offers pm me I also have pics to email