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  1. Northern/North East Convoy?

    Woo woo.. early start for us lot!! x
  2. ultimate DUBS

    Hey guys!!! Was good to see a few faces.... shame we had to leave so early in the morning to head to a party at lunchtime!! Even so we got round most of the show! ;-)
  3. Silver Loop GTi

    That's a different Gti outside the pub... that one outside the beehive isnt too well looked after. I know the one your talking about tho... can't think of her name tho... Chris knows tho!!!! She lives in the end house......
  4. Bye bye Lupo....

    most definately the end of an era! No plans to mod at the mo although I do fancy the blue motion front! Hmmmmm nice! Won't b wandering to club polo anytime soon crusoe! Bad luck! X
  5. Bye bye Lupo....

    LOL... he's driving home!!! Will get him on the foto case tomorrrow!!! He was going to text you a pic anyway so ur priviledge lol!
  6. Edition 38 2009

    Ok.. was talking crap.. dates are actually 4th -6th Sept... my birthday in the 6th Sept too... Oh dear!!!!!!!!
  7. Bye bye Lupo....

    After 8 years, said bye to the Yellow Loop on Saturday.... was a sad day!!! Although got a very nice new polo so staying with Veedubs! It's 1.4 Silver 07 plate!!! Will get pics up soon!!!
  8. Edition 38 2009

    I believe it's the last weekend of august! Intact I know it's then!
  9. Happy Birthday Sarah!

    LOL!! We ate it all yest! Sorry!!! Oops... yeh we spent the weekend in London! Fab weekend and yes spent some of it hunting for carpet cleaner and cleaning the carpet! LOL Thanks for all the nice msgs tho.... love u guys x
  10. Edition Photos

    Oh dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
  11. Post-Edition Chat

    Hey Everyone! Minty weekend as usual! Nice to see new crew, old crew etc! Must say some parts of the weekend are a little vague... Oops... maybe a little too much drink! hehehe
  12. Whats the theme this year?

    LOL and it was u askin wat the theme was... LOL

    Thanks Andy, thats really appreciated........

    Just as an FYI... i'm lead to believe there is no one at present leading this convoy from 15a... Leaders of other convoys from around the UK, if you are planning on stopping at 15a make sure you know your route right to E38.....