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  1. jamiea7x

    What is this car?

    rear arch/bumper line gives it away as lupo/arosa
  2. jamiea7x

    My Volkswagen Fox R! ;)

    the garage has proabbly quoted the insurance company for new wing new door rear quarter repair and full respray of the whole side, so probably quoted high 3 figures maybe even 4, , so u can see where theyre coming from, but to do yourself all that damaged could prbably be prepared without replacing panels, and a side respray could be repaired for around 500 quid, depending where you go,
  3. jamiea7x

    Blueline venom coilovers

    is there enough room up where the shock goes up into the boot for that?
  4. jamiea7x

    Blueline venom coilovers

    removing the adjuster and cup gets most people the lows they look for, and to match the front, fk rear coilover springs are shorter again, and as mention if you want lower again its custom springs
  5. jamiea7x

    Identify these wheels please

    i bored out a set of mini wheels which als have 56.1 bore i had a a hub centric spacer lying so just kept grinding it out with a flap wheel till it fitted snug took about 10 minutes a wheels but mines where rally wheels so im gussing the alloy was a lot harder than normal road wheels,
  6. jamiea7x

    Picture of the day

    there was another a little further up, but i think it was still in use i started walking over prob around a half mile down the river but i noticed it lit up and seem to be a small hut of some kind at the end, so just turned back.
  7. jamiea7x

    Picture of the day

    jettie at Portencross Ayrshire, managed to get this before it absolutely started lashing it down.
  8. jamiea7x

    Wheels: safe sizes without arch work

    keep close to et35 15's no wider than 7j and no higher than a 45 profile tyre and you shouldnt have any issues with rubbing
  9. jamiea7x


    its an air adjustable top mount essentially,
  10. jamiea7x

    Bolt on wheel arches

    the bumper is a smoothed standard mk2 arosa bumper
  11. jamiea7x

    Recently lowered and chewing my tyres

    well yowl need new tyres at least, your toe will be incredibly out combined with the camber thats why its worn so badly on the inside edge
  12. jamiea7x

    Porsche 996 turbo alloy wheels (twist)

    artec do 4 stud wheels n a similar style, artec PA think they are called
  13. jamiea7x

    Had some free time (3D/Vray)

    youve fair come on! textures look spot on.
  14. jamiea7x


    the c pillars are fabric, can buy fabric dye in an aerosol now id try that
  15. jamiea7x

    Wheel help/advice

    some smaller tyres on those wheels would look ten times better,

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