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  1. Thank-you for the compliment. Mine does need a bit of work - but the new year will sort that out. Leaving on the road is a contentious subject. This thread begins with the car being spotted in Kempsey Worcester where my mate lives who is a real VW nut - he keeps telling me I need to just keep it in his garrage next to his type 2 camper van and keep it out of the elements. I do confess though that I have towels to put over the leather seats in the summer to protect them from UVs !
  2. Yep that me on Matlock Road, and yes do remember passing by! There are also a couple of silver ones I see in Brighton. Not long on the forum, will post pictures of the car in new year once I get the cursed rear spoiler repainted !
  3. Hi All it is my car, but actually the reg is VW 54 LPO. It hasn't been lowered but back wheels are spaced a little. it lives in Brighton , though does still go to Kempsey occasionally though trying not to over use it on long runs - still less than 50k on clock glad it's been admired - I love it!

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