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    Hi everyone, This may fall on deaf ears but I used to own a 2001 silver Lupo GTi (Y356GHU). I was wondering if anyone has it now that is still on the forum? Would be great to see it and hear about the life it has had since I sold it around 5 years ago? Cheers, sam
  2. crash

    Black 1.8t 20v Lupo... 423 BHP

    That is epic. Love it and want it!lol. Not done a lot of 1/4 mile runs but seen a few quick ones, do you think yours could benefit from a flatter 2-3rd shift? I think you would pick up speed quicker getting into 3rd slightly sooner and saving a bit of wheelspin at high revs in 2nd? Meh, just a thought. Love the motor mate.
  3. crash


    might be best putting a wanted add in the parts section on here? I think there a couple of people selling them? Or if not, just check out the parts for sale thread? Most will have bubbling under the paint caused by water soaking in through the brake light 'seal'... which is eactly why people might want a carbon one!
  4. crash

    *RIAL Alloy Wheels*

    Indeed! still miss them actually...!
  5. just emailed you bud regarding the team dynamics... cheers, sam
  6. crash


    looks very nice mate... hows about costing up a rear Lupo GTi spoiler? Forget the brake light cut out, just the spolier in same shape, size etc? Think people might like this?...
  7. crash

    low milage arosa sport ... SOLD

    ...you after a Lupo GTi Chris?... not put mine in the for sale section yet but it is for sale. If you are interested just let me know? Am guessing you already have your sights set on one though. glws cheers, sam
  8. crash


    'gay off'? how old are you, 12?! Said it once but I'll say it again, idiot.
  9. crash


    It's 'trying too hard'. Idiot.
  10. crash


    Hilarious. Although I wouldn't like to strap anything to Linford Christies scrot. Each to their own though mate. You may need to open your own topic for this sort of stuff though... you're spamming up this one.
  11. crash


    Well done. Hope it goes well for you.
  12. crash


    True, I just think that some forum members are a little too harsh and quick to hammer people to the ground. He is obviously a new member to the forum and may require some help and pointing in the right direction. He is obviously interested in VW's and has bought a good car in the Lupo sport. If the people in the know tell him what he needs, who knows, he might know what the bits and pieces are! Even if he doesn't, his dad might. Anyway, rant over.
  13. crash


    There seems to be a lot of people on this forum that mock people for asking vague questions and then continue to rip it out of them. What is the point?! there also seems to be a lot less people using this forum recently and I think it is this sort of attitude that puts people off. It was a vague question and the guy could have done a bit of research first but he wanted to ask a question on a forum where 'specialists' reside. Unfortunately quite a few of the specialists won't help you mate they will just shoot you down before you have even begun! Good luck to you son, who knows, you/your dad might succeed and if you do, I'll take my metaphoric hat off to you.
  14. crash

    Lupo 'ring times on GT5

    I think a time in the high 7.20's is doable but 7.19 is not possible with a controller - take it this was with either a G25 or a GT wheel?
  15. crash

    refurbed g60 steels and tyres!

    Hi Mark, Any news on these? Am interested in seing the pictures? Cheers, Sam
  16. crash

    bathursts 200 posted

    My offer is still on the table for you mate. Cheers
  17. crash

    refurbed g60 steels and tyres!

    pm sent. cheers
  18. crash

    GTI tailgate with spolier

    Hi mate, Interested in the spoiler and brake light if the guys above decide they dont want the whole lid or are willing to split????... Cheers.
  19. crash

    matts lupo gti 20vt

    Hi mate, Wheel looks nice! I like Got any more info on the enamelers in Buckley? What is the quality like? and the price?! not wanting a price paid just if ya think they were expensive?!... Car looks very shiny! Will be looking out for you when I visit my rents in the Wrexham area!... Cheers,Sam
  20. crash

    Mainly GTI Parts

    PM'd regarding spark plug cover. Cheers.
  21. crash

    Lupo GTI ÖEM+

    yeah it is very difficult and you may have to put up with a few creases... the shop that did my roof tried the wingmirrors but said they were too hard. I realise they are on a time vs money arrangement but they were 'experts'! Be interested to see how yours turn out mate...
  22. crash

    matts lupo gti 20vt

    ...a sledge?...
  23. crash

    GTi Springs - input/advice required.

    I have the Eibachs on my GTi mate. They improve the handling a small amount and seem to work well with the shocks. Not really very low if you are running 15" but I have 16" wheels and the arch gap isnt toooo horrendous.
  24. crash

    Club Lupo rolling road day at Awesome

    Cheers again to Al for a well organised day, just wish I had remembered to take my thermals! There were some lovely lupos there and was good to put faces and cars to forum names! Here are my figures if anyone is interested... And just to remind people, I (sadly) put the car up for sale about a couple of weeks ago, link to for sale advert. in case anyone is interested in making an offer on her. Sam
  25. crash

    Club Lupo rolling road day at Awesome

    I would say it was your tappets mate. might need adjusting, your mods might have thrown em off. deffo need sorting though.

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