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    old, new, big, small, cheap expensive basically any vw ill like. and i love pixie lott mmm....

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    Red lupo 1.4 8v
  1. Boso Exhaust

    does anyone know how to make one?
  2. wheels

    hello can someone put these on my car please x
  3. Who's been the Fastest

    Me and my friend were discussing how fast we've been in our cars hes only just passed and been 95mph ive been 110mph not really pushing it hard and not much road but just wondering how fast can lupos go?
  4. audi tt foot rest

    whats a foot rest?
  5. Lupo GTI 3L Conversion

    has anyone or is it even possible to convert a Lupo GTI into a Lupo 3L?
  6. Glovebox

    what doesnt look right?
  7. Glovebox

    smart car?
  8. Camber shims

    how do i fit them and anyone have any pictures of the before and after difference?
  9. my lupo project!

    sweeeeeeeeeeet mate looking good keep it up!
  10. Glovebox

    brilliant thank you! x
  11. Hidey Hi!

    welcome to clublupo! I also savied my car from the scrapheap and shes ready to be put in for show and shine.
  12. Glovebox

    would a polo 6n2 glovebox fit? and how hard are they to fit?
  13. best tyres for G60's?

    what about just really low profiles no stretch?
  14. wheel nut keeps spinning

    my wheel nut just keeps spinning and it wont come off any suggestions?
  15. best tyres for G60's?

    what are the bad point of stretch?