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  1. Bought a New Lupo

    Youโ€™re telling me itโ€™s been warm! Open air weather for me
  2. Yes. Take it to a body shop and they'll sort you out. Iirc it's a different primer that's used.
  3. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    The dark blue openair
  4. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    I meant the near side that looks like it seen painted with a roller, it's been like that a while...
  5. 1.0 to 1.4 16v swap. (I know Iโ€™ve searched already)

    Whos going to call that really?
  6. 1.0 to 1.4 16v swap. (I know Iโ€™ve searched already)

    me and skezza were only discussing this exact conversion in the pub last night! Rich has the right answer.
  7. Boot liner mat in the style of carpet mats

    Im not 100% that's a genuine item... it does look nice though, not ยฃ200+ nice. ill stick to my foam I think.
  8. cheap battered lupo sdi

    But ยฃ85 with tax and mot!
  9. cheap battered lupo sdi

    i turned down a v reg Volvo v40 with full leather interior and wooden dash for ยฃ85 due to lack of space...
  10. Auto lights

    The second link is the one I bought, I think you set the sensitivity by turning it from off to side lights at the desired brightness then off, and repeat for dipped beam.
  11. Auto lights

    Oh god
  12. Auto lights

    Auto wipers piss me off, they don't work or maybe that's because they're on a ford van I use for work... Auto lights pointless as I always have my side lights on, it's the coming home lights I like. Buses round here stink of tenants super and urine. Need I say more lol
  13. Auto lights

    on that subject, depends what sort of rope, Hemp? Blue nylon? Static climbing? Climbing? Tow rope? Erm any other sorts of rope? Webbing count?
  14. Auto lights

    Many people are not in love with Matt. They just use him for his information/babysitting service/cheap humor. This is sad but the way of the world that I have grown to accept :-( worse things have happened at sea.
  15. Auto lights

    Correct me if I'm wrong you can set the sensitivity? I managed to do it on mine. And my warning tone doesn't come on? It does if I put the lights on though.