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  1. garage clearout

    Is that posted?
  2. garage clearout

  3. garage clearout

    Hi, im interested in the dog guard please
  4. Volkswagen scrappage scheme

    Yeah but have you listened to French radio... you aren't missing much
  5. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    i love how you still have a usable boot!
  6. Needed - drivers side window

    Hi guys, In need of a drivers front window glass for a mk1 arosa but I imagine they all fit :-) willing to collect from a sensible distance near m6 j15/16 Thanks Matt
  7. Vw Lupo Press Cars

    This is some serious work! I'm sad enough to love this sort of info
  8. I did mine on a lovely warm day, I'm guessing that one half is still in either section? The wing and the indicator panel?
  9. Lupo sport breaking

    Seems fair but I'm not cleaning them!
  10. Lupo sport breaking

    Vultures! It's mine! Hands off
  11. Lupo sport breaking

    Don't suppose you still have that front grill do you?
  12. Club Lupo Keyrings...

    And what about mine tom? Remember me asking :-D
  13. pete for mod.

    It may attract new members though!
  14. Loopy the 1.4

    Poor loopy :-(
  15. Lupo 1.4 2004 ORIGINAL 13" STEEL WHEELS NEEDED!

    Dreadlock lad? Don't know, might have been. Yeah I enjoyed it! Shame you didn't win the beetle! How did she go on at work yesterday?