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  1. Well, obviously, a sport box would be best, I'm pretty sure the others have a different bell housing so wouldn't fit.
  3. I know someone who had their power steering pipe replaced, if its the one that runs across the front it too an independent garage a few hours to do it, id be tempted to have a crack yourself.
  4. That's more like it
  5. it is very very tempting to sell the 1litre se and buy this
  6. My bag doesn't get used, and I have a set of Cambridge rears on my openair and a set in a box in the garage.
  7. so is the tdi sport I have refusal on, yours needs Cambridge rears and a bag to complete it.
  8. As i'm lead to believe, the darker reversing lamp is an indicator of the presence of water :/
  9. i would be but I have my eye on a special tdi sport and have first refusal when it comes up for sale
  10. If he doesn't want it and the colour is right I may be interested
  11. Where in Shropshire are you? I live in Staffordshire... id gladly take a look at your openair if its not working.
  12. They're blue tim tom door cards rich, if you want some that badly I know of a set...
  13. Google will they fit
  14. Best offer I've had for as long as I can remember
  15. Hi Karen, Rich has beaten me to it, that's not terminal but is very expensive! Most of that will be the cambelt and water pump, is that a dealers prices?