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  1. mattarosa

    Brand New Genuine Starlite Wheels

    They were an option alloy.
  2. mattarosa

    We need a club lupo quiz people...

    Give me a few days to route out some of my more obscure parts
  3. mattarosa

    We need a club lupo quiz people...

    The trim on the back of the boot, the bumper side of the boot not the seat side
  4. mattarosa

    Lupo headlights

    id suggest its the stalk. Welcome
  5. mattarosa

    We need a club lupo quiz people...

    I feel I’d join in but rather unwelcomely if there is such a word
  6. mattarosa

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Welcome to the minefield that is the oil pressure sensor, my ex mrs had an issue with a flashing oil light, I replaced the sensor with a genuine one, replaced the cable, flushed the engine, replaced the clocks, removed the sump to clean the oil pick up pipe. my first port of call would be the switch as they don't like non genuine ones and the current one may have just had it. Oh I also resealed the crack in the block where someone had previously screwed it in and split it!
  7. mattarosa

    Puddle lights

    I still need to get round to doing this on mine, I have the parts... I don't understand what you mean either by lack of space?
  8. mattarosa

    Arosa lights

    The wiring will need to be altered and there is the complication of reflectors, see the Lupo lights have reflectors built in but the mk2 Arosa ones don't hence the rear bumper of the Arosa having reflectors and the Lupos not
  9. mattarosa

    Small aesthetic mods

    He does use his grinder recklessly
  10. mattarosa

    VW Logo

    Nice, what are you planning on using it for?
  11. That’s the possibility, unlikely but possible
  12. Very good seeing if I can get the Friday off work too this year
  13. What’s this years transport?
  14. Breakfast rich style, a banana and a bottle of water. wait a minute! You saw my tent at be fest, you bought a teepee complete with car battery
  15. multiple costumes to be precise... Shed/shelter built on a whim too ?

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