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  1. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    Arosa pushchair, lupo car seats. Why would I go to all the hassle rich when other people do it for me 😉
  2. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    in my brochure... I text cherry with pictures, effort to go onto some photo hosting site blah blah blah
  3. New member

    About time? I feel rich is hard done to in life anyway?
  4. New member

    I'm only on due to doing my timesheets, found my parts yet? I feel a trip up north coming on.
  5. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    I have a picture in my brochure.... I want one, and the car seat to match
  6. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    I don't... especially when putting it on a show stand.
  7. New member

    read his currently driving bit...
  8. New member

    Welcome, White lupos aren't common... nice
  9. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    To keep rich happy I should wash my cars... mine all have little issues, my lupo is running on 3.5 cylinders the audi is in the process of having a little modification and the arosa is erm suffering central locking issues. All a lack of time!
  10. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    I may have issues, I have a used one in the lupo and a new one still in original factory plastic protecting that one, and another one still in original plastic in the arosa.
  11. What's it Worth 16,900mls, advice please...

    So my laser blue 05 plate?
  12. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    Do you also have the foam boot liner?
  13. Vw Lupo odd accessories section

    This is my sort of collection. Nice little feature.
  14. Problems with full length sunroof.

    I don't suspect that will be doing it any favours. I now feel the need to check mine at some point...
  15. Seat Arosa Track Car

    Looks promising, you don't need any sort of spare wheel/puncture kit to pass an mot. If it'll help you out ill acquire any useful unbroken screws/clips from you thank you