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  1. Vw Lupo Press Cars

    My logbook shows the car as a VW 1600 fastback. But the emissions is correct and the registered date etc. and some systems (e.g. ECP) bring the correct vehicle type up. I just always assumed it was a weirdness of being imported by VW dealers.
  2. Vw Lupo Press Cars

    My GTI has a red I. Does that mean it was built in Wolfsburg and does that explain why some reg lookups see it as a VW 1600 fastback?
  3. wishbone/arb advice

    So there is! :-) I'll get the garage to give it a good going over. I'm getting them to put a new cam belt on anyway as I don't fancy it myself.
  4. wishbone/arb advice

    Sorry what does this mean? Not heard of this. Cheers
  5. wishbone/arb advice

    Not sure whether to jump on this thread or make a new one. I've got knocks from the front and mad inside tyre wear. But the bushes all look OK to me. I've bought some front wishbone rear bushes, got the lemforders but my local garage said they don't last long and to get the powerflex so swapped them. Anyway I've taken loads of photos. Can anyone see anything wrong?
  6. what would you replace? (lupo GTi)

    OMG how have I only just discovered Euro Car Parts? £56 for an air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, oil, 2 wishbone bushes.
  7. what would you replace? (lupo GTi)

    Ah sorry, I meant front wishbones. Missed vital info there. Are front wishbones common or is crazy inside tyre wear something else?
  8. what would you replace? (lupo GTi)

    Resurrecting an old thread. Still haven't got around to doing this stuff, now with 123k on it Well, I paid to have the clutch done and had some new tyres when the last ones were showing thread on the inside but perfect on the outside. The fitter reckoned it was wishbones as they allow the wheel to move when accelerating, wearing the inside of the tyre. Sound reasonable?
  9. Fairly easy with back seats down and both wheels off
  10. Pricing my GTI for sale

    OK cheers
  11. Pricing my GTI for sale

    Hope this is OK to go in here. I've had a Lupo GTI 52 in raven blue for about 5 years now. It's done 120k but only about 10k from us so does about 2k a year from the wife driving it to the train station and back daily. When we bought it we were told it's very rare because it was a demonstrator with every option bar the MP3 HDD unit. It's got leather, aircon, 6-speed, cup holders, electric windows. Not sure what else isn't standard. It's 100% original with only the tyres being changed and a new clutch a year ago. I'm about to do the 2nd cambelt change. Just gone through an MOT with no advisaries. Bodywork is great for the age but has a few scratches here and there when looking closely. We can't appreciate this car like it seems enthusiasts do. And it's a shame it just gets driven to the station and parked there every day, so we were thinking of selling it and getting the wife something a bit more mundane. Does anyone have any idea where I should pitch it in price? Cheers
  12. Glad I found other people with this problem. It suddenly happened to me too. I had the clutch changed and it's been since then. I'll be steering round a corner with the steering as tight as expected, or tighter like it's tramlining a bit, and then suddenly it'll go very loose as if I've lost the front end. Every time it happens it scares me because I think I've hit a patch of oil or something, but if I steer more I haven't lost it, it carries on around the corner. The tyres are crap anyway so I'll be changing them but as it suddenly came on I don't reckon it'll be from that. I'll have a look at the bushes at the weekend if that's what others turned out to be.
  13. Lupo GTI production numbers

    My raven blue GTI is described as a VW 1600 fastback on the V5. Odd though that some insurance companies see the reg as a Polo GTI, some as a Lupo GTI and some as a fastback. That said, the rest of the information on the V5 is correct for the Lupo GTI, e.g. emissions figure so it must be the right reg and vehicle.
  14. Lupo gti alarm

    My alarm kept going off and it can be stopped by disabling the interior sensor with the button on the B pillar. So I vacuumed out the sensor, then disconnected and reconnected it a couple of times which seems to have helped.