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  1. Yeah man surprised im inside, this is stunning
  2. Jake ellis

    Jakes Arosa Sport

    Throw back
  3. Jake ellis

    Lupo gti at 17?

    Listen to everyone else, you remind me of me when i was 17, i got a1.0 lupo in the end and i still thrashed that even though i swore i wouldn't due to a very close family member dieing yet i still did ( and do in a way) i went onto a sport a year later after getting use to the road and other drivers, had an mx5 after was an absolute idiot in that with the usual mx5 stuff, then i went to get a audi s1 (230bhp) within 9 hours of owning it saying the exact same stuff as your saying i wrote it off very badly and still suffer to this day, luckily no one else was hurt majorly just a few broken bones etc and that was in one of the safest cars, if i was in my gti at the time id 100% be dead, ive now got an a5 and my gti and even when i jump in the gti which is once a week i still have that massive urge to boot it, i literally turned 21 last week, as said above you think we are patronising and if your like me you're gonna go against everyones advise and just get it anyway, all im gonna say is listen to others who have been there.
  4. Jake ellis

    Jakes Arosa Sport

    big stuff happening ready for dubs at park
  5. Jake ellis

    BMW mini teledials thoughts (pics)

    how did you enlarge the cb? just dremeled the 1mm?
  6. Jake ellis

    Spotted - Matte Green Lupo with Teeth near Scunthorpe

    Kevin's Hines lupo
  7. Jake ellis

    Ultimate Dubs 2014

    me and another arosa will happily go on stand
  8. Right this is going to sound really silly, but I've got a absolutely standard audio in my arosa, I'm wanting something nice, not show winning but a decent audio set up with some bass aswell, what exactly do I need? I don't want to spend silly money tbh, sorry for such a silly question but I know absolutely nothing about audio
  9. Jake ellis

    Jakes Arosa Sport

    For sale pm me
  10. Jake ellis

    Joti's Red GTI on Schmidt Modernlines

    Looks good! Did I see you in your other car in Bracknell a min ago?
  11. Jake ellis

    Arosa picture thread.

  12. Jake ellis

    Jakes Arosa Sport

    lack of updates due to lack of build thread comments Anyway got this Thinking of platidipping it this colour for winter One of me and my cousins arosa we are doing atm Future plans Air 1.8T and leathers
  13. Jake ellis

    Jakes Arosa Sport

    Oh ha I work at fox vps
  14. Jake ellis

    Jakes Arosa Sport

    Where do you deliver? Proberbly my work haha