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    Lupo gti 2003 raven blue
  1. Loopylove

    Laser blue gti on auto trader

    I can't believe there's one on auto trader for nearly 7k...2003 raven blue ..madness money
  2. Loopylove

    Laser blue gti on auto trader

    I do love it and after parting with my raven blue gti I'd love a replacement My partner has offered him 6k because it has a dent/crease on rear arch His not been to keen to accept ?
  3. Loopylove

    Laser blue gti on auto trader

    Yes I noticed the difference Do u think its a fair price
  4. Loopylove

    Laser blue gti on auto trader

    Just been looking at the 55 plate gti laser blue advertised on here and auto trader What are your thoughts on the price?
  5. Loopylove


    Hello Try midland mars in Walsall They are really good, we've had many cars done and all turned out excellent www.midlandsmars.co.uk
  6. Loopylove

    Wanted lupo GTI low mileage

    Please can you help me I want a low mileage lupo GTI in raven blue or grey, may consider other colours but has to be low mileage! It also has to be 100% original inc paint and panels! If you can help please email me on Lovsey@hotmail.co.uk Top price will be payed for the right car! Thank you
  7. Loopylove

    Missed out....gutted!!

    You have yourself an absolute bargain , I'm on the hunt for another
  8. Loopylove

    Missed out....gutted!!

    It's his wife's car.... He was like "really" why are these cars so popular my phones not stopped ringing and he has a waiting list if the sale falls through. It's a shame really that he didn't know what his got and to him it's just a car! I sold my raven blue gti last year with 100k on it for £4500 so this would of been a lovely replacement
  9. Loopylove

    Missed out....gutted!!

    When I called the man who is ever so posh he said he "hates the car" !!! his accepted £4800 I said you could of put it for £6000
  10. Loopylove

    Missed out....gutted!!

  11. Loopylove

    Hakster's Silver GTi - OEM+

    Nice mate looks pukka!
  12. Loopylove

    S5 FLV blue gti.....Aldridge

    Looking god dam gorgeous....raven blue gti
  13. Loopylove

    Any raven blue owners here???

    I have a raven blue gti....y is there so much dislike towards them today
  14. Loopylove

    Time to sell :(

    How ridiculous is all this.... Not being funny but I'd pay more for a standard out the factory example and also for a colour that is hardly ever seen! I wouldn't sell mine for less than £5000 either
  15. Loopylove

    Time to sell :(

    By the sound of things you should only ever buy silver....your in luck eBay is full of silver gti's so take ur pick ha ha ha

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