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  1. lupo gtis breaking

    Leather steering wheel, 5 speed leather gear knob and leather handbrake grip? Condition and pics if possible?
  2. lost key

    Oh dear, being ripped off as well!
  3. lost key

    I'm in that situation, however I took the proactive decision when I bought a Lupo with only one key to order a spare! Now that one has been broken, I have no issue with waiting two weeks for the replacement...
  4. lost key

    Well said lupogtiboy... all replacement VAG keys regardless of brand are produced - to order - in their German security centre. Two weeks is perfectly acceptable.
  5. Genuine SDI Oil Filters

    Hence the thread title...
  6. Genuine SDI Oil Filters

    eBay # 322691821404 £6 delivered... it would be rude not to
  7. SDI Air Filters... Is It Just Me...?

    Seconded. Have a look on the Bay of e, as you regularly get dealers clearing old stock at good prices...
  8. Anyone recognise this?

    Had a chance to look through ETKA... seats with height adjustment AND entry aid (!) have two springs (inner and outer), whereas seats with height adjustment only have the outer spring. Thanks for your help folks...
  9. Anyone recognise this?

    Thanks lupogtiboy... worryingly the drivers seat only appears to have had one (which has fallen off) and the passenger seat doesn't have any...
  10. Anyone recognise this?

    Seems to be working fine... what's it off and where does it go?
  11. Anyone recognise this?

    Appeared in the rear footwell below Doris' (height adjustable) driver seat! It's 255mm long...and I can't figure out where it's from to refit it! Thanks
  12. Gearchange diagnosis???

    The ball joint is 6N0 711 135, and the gaiter (if it needs replaced) is 6N0 711 167A.
  13. Gearchange diagnosis???

    Guys, thanks for all your suggestions... replacing the nylon ball joint on the gearlever has cured the issue. Onwards for another 112,000 miles
  14. Project Doris... Lupo SDI

    Crikey, 6 months since I last updated this thread! Doris has trundled on for another 7,000 miles since then... MoT is due again next month, so I popped her into the garage at the weekend, up on axle stands and a thorough examination. At this point I must apologise for a complete lack of pics... doh! So the verdict was the following needed attention for MoT this year: OSF Wishbone Bottom Bush Worn OSR Shock Absorber Weeping 2 x Bump Stops Disintegrating 2 x Driveshaft Oil Seals Leaking NSF CV Boot Torn So... a phone call to TPS sorted out the parts order, with the decision to replace both wishbones and both rear shocks for peace of mind. Everything went to plan until when removing the driveshafts, the brass washers fitted in the gearbox had disintegrated... A phone call to TPS and they delivered within a couple of hours, however the washers they had in stock were the wrong size. Another call, the correct parts ordered, delivered the following day... and back to work. Six hours later, all sorted! Incidentally, after removing and replacing the worn components (shocks, wishbones, CV boot), all were genuine VW parts, leading me to assume they are probably the originals... not bad for 113,000 miles! I'll pop into my friendly independent tyre centre at the weekend and get the alignment corrected, as the new wishbones will have affected it. Thanks for reading...
  15. Help!! Broken seat tilt handles

    For future reference, when parts are sided LH and RH, VAG always use odd numbers for the LH (looking out through the windscreen) and even numbers for the RH