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  1. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    BBS RC321 : 4x100、ET35、7.5Jx16H2 My new shoes from Croatia had arrived in Taiwan.Some questions need your suggestion before installing it into my Lupo GTI. 1). Does this wheel interfere with caliper? 2). Can I install it without spacer ? (this attached hub ring 70mm to 57.1) Thanks a lot
  2. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Hi Reedo I still have some new genuine BBS center caps for sale. Please contact me by internal messages if you want to purchase them.
  3. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

  4. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    I buy these from china. It isn’t perfect emblems VW logo to me. you can see a lot problems at the below pictures. I am still looking for the original VW logo emblems. Could you share information with me if you can find the original logo somewhere? TKS
  5. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Everything was done.Thanks for everyone suggestions.
  6. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Do anyone know where I can find this size emblem with vw logo? Thanks
  7. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    I had asked the same question at FB Currently,People almost use this spec. I think that it is best than others.
  8. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Hi Bems, 1).Do you use the original coil spring? 2).i don’t understand >it's lowered around 50mm from standard>50mm from ? to ?
  9. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Hello Bems, 1).Can I install shoes directly without spacer? 2).what kind of tire do you recommend ? TKS
  10. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    Hi Pete, No sale,sorry. it just arrive Taiwan from Croatia.
  11. The speaker holder

    the customized holder for speaker in back seat.
  12. The speaker holder

    Please contact me if you need the 3D files.
  13. The speaker holder

    If this part be changed to plastics instead of metals, It could have a crack risk.
  14. The speaker holder

    The kit use Aluminium alloys,CNC and anodic treatment. Its cost is higher than the speaker moduler,Rainbow-EL-C6-2. The base cost of the kit is about 240£. It doesn't make sense. I suggest that you could buy the correct speaker module parts for lupo. If anyone need the 3D files please do not hesitate to contact me.
  15. The speaker holder

    This Kit is my own works. I am glad to hear that you like this.
  16. Maras German GTI

    Hi Mara, Do you want to sell the BBS RS814 ? BR, Jericho
  17. marcus´Lupo´s

    nice wheel
  18. My 1.8T 20v Conversion

    Well Done
  19. Raven Lupo GTI v2.0 - Attack of the clone

    Nice Color ,ColinG