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  1. I think I used all of the original mounts when I fitted mine too
  2. Wow, 98/100, I'd be really proud of that if I was you! I hope yu told him your exhaust was all new and original too :). You should have won!
  3. Glad you've enjoyed it! I've seen it a couple of times up your way since I sold it. Hmm..... As tempting as it is (and one day I'm sure I'll regret it), I don't live in the UK any more so the steering wheel would be on the wrong side for me. Good luck with the sale. Free bump for an awesome car!
  4. It's funny because I remember when I sold it to you, you said you'd offer it back to me. I always wondered if you remembered saying that! I bought another one in the mean time as I missed it, although it wasn't as good as this one. I just sold it a couple of weeks ago. Has it been a reliable car?
  5. Ok so I just had a scan through my photos and I don't have anything particularly clear. But it this one you can just make out that the belt is double sided:
  6. The TDI belt is grooved on both sides if the car has air conditioning, like yours and mine do.
  7. Extremely cheap motoring apart from the road tax
  8. In my opinion the 1.4 TDI is the best, next after that would be the 1.4 75bhp but just don't buy a rough one (there are/were lots of those out there so plenty of choice). I had a 1.4 75bhp as my first car and it was more than fast enough to be honest!
  9. Indicator stalk intermittent: contacts wear out, just replace the stalk Drivers door not activating interior light: will be dry joints in the lock mechanism, dismantle and re-solder CD changer lights: you might just need an illumination loom, pull the CD changer out and have a look if one is fitted Window problem: could just need a new switch Drivers seat heating: I'd swap the roller switches over and if the problem still persists I'd probably look to replace the heating mat (or at least remove the seat covers and look to see if it
  10. I wondered if the owner was on here. I haven't got this month's VW driver buy in their monthly email they did say it was 'superb'! About time they featured some other GTI's apart from the Golf!
  11. How long was it driven for with that gaping hole in the airbox for?
  12. I'm surprised there were so many with air con. There are 3 on ebay now that have it!
  13. Strangely quiet in here
  14. Even before they were on a golf cab?
  15. Well, it's disappointing to find your engine in that state! It's interesting to see such detailed photos. What are you going to do about it?