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  1. jon_273

    Heater temp

    Fortunately they fail open; if the failed closed then the car would overheat which would be rather inconvenient.
  2. What size did you buy? I had trouble finding winter tyres in 205/45 or 195/45.
  3. jon_273

    Heater temp

    Thermostat. Water should be 85 not 65 degrees
  4. Someone has installed that themselves. I don't believe it came from the factory like that
  5. jon_273

    GTI 3rd party Ball joints

    Does anyone have a picture of a normal one for comparison?
  6. jon_273

    Anyone picked up this months evo magazine?

    Best guide since the PPC feature
  7. jon_273

    VED band and engine conversions

    If you are refitting another 14 TDI engine why would you even tell them?
  8. jon_273

    Rear disk conversion bits

    Only difference is that strengthening bar inside it.
  9. jon_273

    Volkswagen scrappage scheme

    This is very true
  10. jon_273

    Volkswagen scrappage scheme

    The basic one they sell in France doesn't even come with a radio.
  11. Ok so with the discount code they come to £13.85. Rich you owe me £1.85...
  12. I'm looking just out of interest and the cheapest ones I see are £21.99
  13. jon_273

    Volkswagen scrappage scheme

    £1,800 off an up! Will keep the TDI for a while longer I think!

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