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  1. Heater temp

    Fortunately they fail open; if the failed closed then the car would overheat which would be rather inconvenient.
  2. What size did you buy? I had trouble finding winter tyres in 205/45 or 195/45.
  3. Heater temp

    Thermostat. Water should be 85 not 65 degrees
  4. Someone has installed that themselves. I don't believe it came from the factory like that
  5. GTI 3rd party Ball joints

    Does anyone have a picture of a normal one for comparison?
  6. Anyone picked up this months evo magazine?

    Best guide since the PPC feature
  7. VED band and engine conversions

    If you are refitting another 14 TDI engine why would you even tell them?
  8. Rear disk conversion bits

    Only difference is that strengthening bar inside it.
  9. Volkswagen scrappage scheme

    This is very true
  10. Volkswagen scrappage scheme

    The basic one they sell in France doesn't even come with a radio.
  11. Ok so with the discount code they come to £13.85. Rich you owe me £1.85...
  12. I'm looking just out of interest and the cheapest ones I see are £21.99
  13. Volkswagen scrappage scheme

    £1,800 off an up! Will keep the TDI for a while longer I think!