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  1. Yellow lupo, houghton-le-spring

    Around houghton? Haven't seen you! Give me a beep if you see a standard x-reg mate!
  2. Coolant

    Had it in today, turns out there is a leak in the radiator. As for belts defcon5 i've done the cam belt but thats it, nothing needs doing as it stands. Cheers for your help lads!
  3. Coolant

    Never changed. The rad?
  4. Coolant

    Just anywhere in the engine bay? Ill have a look, if not ill put in somewhere for them to locate the leak
  5. Yellow lupo, houghton-le-spring

    Nah that won't be me. I'm always at quarry service station.
  6. Coolant

    my car seems to be drinking loads of coolant. Can't see any leaks, any ideas?
  7. Yellow lupo, houghton-le-spring

    Thats the one, i am parked in there aswell sometimes, x-reg yellow with a spoiler
  8. Yellow lupo, houghton-le-spring

    going past co-op, with tinted rear windows, flashed my lights at you but didn't wave so don't know if you saw me!
  9. Yellow lupo m62

    this morning, was in the van, saw you going past in the fast lane sitting six inches from an audi a5's bumper, got to be honest, it was a good sight to see!
  10. Soft blue lupo houghton black ats cups!

    Saw you at jet garage as i was going in, love the wheels!
  11. 1.0 lupo gear change issues

    Ah okay cheers!
  12. Hi, I am aware there is probably a thread with someone having the same issue as me but, About 1-2 months ago when trying to change from first to second it didn't go into second on the first go but after a second try it went in as normal. It didn't happen for a while, but today it has started doing it again. A little help would be appreciated, cheers.
  13. Mk1 arosa, peterlee

    aye thats the one! less corsas the better......