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  1. Hi guys, Someone have a guide for modify the front seats of Recaro S3 8L for fit on Lupo Arosa? I've found the electric pin for move them. If I cut the orginal guide, can I fit Recaro aftermarket guide specific for Lupo or Polo 6n2 3 door? Thanks
  2. Lowering 80mm

    Hi guys, someone have a pics of your car with a coilover or lowering springs about 80mm. I don't know if take a new coilover or done a lowering Spring. My coilover now (a Lowtec) there isn't so confortable. What's are the tyres? Thanks
  3. The RedSteelie - with a little NIMBUS

    Wonderfull Lupo!!!
  4. Alex's Arosa Fr.... 2015 Updates...

    Sure, I use it on Daily driven.
  5. Alex's Arosa Fr.... 2015 Updates...

    Ok, at the end of the Year, I've decided to upgrade this old topic.... In summer mode fits the Oz Turbo ABT 7,5 front 8 rear. Photos at some Italian meeeting... and now in winter mode RH Cup 14X7 and 8X14 I hope that someone like this news.
  6. Alva - New engine and more paint problems

    All your cars are beautifull!! Nice work with the new engine.
  7. karlbop tinkers with a lupo...

    Wonderfull creation
  8. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI.. Recaro Pole Positions In!

    Wonderfull upgrade!
  9. Red lupo sport

    Nice sound. Very good work
  10. Alex's Arosa Fr.... 2015 Updates...

    Hi guys, after one year I write some update. I've Finish my new wheels: Oz Turbo 7,5 et25 front 8 et20 rear. I hope that fitting without problem. Also I've changed my coilovers and choose a Lowtec 9.2. The coilovers is good, but unfortunately I've some problem for go low on the rear. This is the situation... The Lowtec 9.2 going low -70mm, but now I'm 0,5cm from the end and I won't remove anything, but now I'm -55mm. If I cut the bump stop can I solve the problem? It's very strange. Someone have ideas? Sorry for my terrible English. I've used Google translate
  11. Bola Green Sport

    Nice Man!
  12. Fresco Lupo on Schmidts

    Wonderfull wheels
  13. Adam's Bagged Anthracite Lupo. * BAGGED IT*

    Really nice.. Good choise