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  1. Damian@DPM

    20VT Lupo Coilover Question

    What's your budget? Damian @ DPM Performance
  2. Damian@DPM

    Best coilovers for £250

    Popular options within your budget are the JOM Blueline, FK AK Street and Prosport. Damian @ DPM Performance
  3. Damian@DPM

    Advice on lupo gti lowering suspension

    The only option would be lowering springs or one of the budget coilover kits really. Damian @ DPM Performance
  4. Damian@DPM

    Advice on lupo gti lowering suspension

    What's your budget for the suspension? Damian @ DPM Performance
  5. Damian@DPM

    time to get lowered

    How many miles have your current shocks covered? Damian @ DPM Performance
  6. Damian@DPM

    what to do! coilovers?

    We have the FK AK Street, JOM Blueline and Prosport all available for in and around the £200 area. Let me know if we can be any help with info or prices. Damian @ DPM Performance
  7. Damian@DPM

    Best Coilovers for lowering?

    The FK AK Street will offer the widest lowering range out of the budget kits - https://www.dpmperformance.co.uk/car-parts/volkswagen/polo/fk-ak-street-coilover-suspension-kitpolo-9n-12-14-14tdi-gti-18t-19sdi-19tdi-112001 Damian @ DPM Performance
  8. The Bilstein before are a good option or for a more of a handling upgrade the Bilstein B8. Damian @ DPM Performance
  9. Damian@DPM

    Coilover help

    What's your budget? Damian @ DPM Performance
  10. Damian@DPM

    Arb sizes ??

    As mentioned 18mm - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/POWERFLEX-18MM-FRONT-ANTI-ROLL-BAR-ARB-POLY-BUSHES-PFF85-603-18-/131562624642?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT Damian @ DPM Performance
  11. Damian@DPM

    Comfortable Coilover for my GTI??

    What's your budget? Damian @ DPM Performance
  12. Damian@DPM


    Have you got a budget in mind? Damian @ DPM Performance
  13. Damian@DPM

    Cheap suspension?

    If you want to lower it but don't have a massive budget them something like the JOM kit or FK AK Street kit is a good option for the money but as with most things in life you get what you pay for. Damian @ DPM Performance
  14. Damian@DPM

    Suspension help!

    The usual budget options - FK AK Street JOM Prosport Damian @ DPM Performance
  15. Damian@DPM

    Lowering 1.4 lupo S

    Did you have a budget in mind for what you wanted to spend on the suspension? You may be best off going to height adjustable coilovers so you can alter them to suit what you need. Damian @ DPM Performance
  16. In that case you'd probably notice more of a difference keeping the same springs and fitting uprated dampers to match them. Damian @ DPM Performance
  17. I'd go springs first and then a ARB. Let me know if I can be any help with info or prices. Damian @ DPM Performance
  18. Damian@DPM

    Low coilovers

    Just replied to your other thread. Damian @ DPM Performance
  19. Damian@DPM

    Low coilovers

    I'd say for within your budget the FK AK Street kit is going to be your best option. Damian @ DPM Performance
  20. Damian@DPM

    Lupo coilovers

    Thanks T3LLIOTT. Let me know if we can be any help, we have kits for under £200 and they can be with you tomorrow. Damian @ DPM Performance
  21. Damian@DPM

    coilover help on 13's

    http://www.dpmperformance.co.uk/car-parts/volkswagen/lupo/fk-ak-street-coilover-suspension-kitlupo-10-14-14tdi-gti-16-17sdi-1097 Damian @ DPM Performance
  22. Damian@DPM

    coilover help on 13's

    May be best off going for something like the FK AK Street then if you're going to be winding them right down. Damian @ DPM Performance
  23. Damian@DPM

    coilover help on 13's

    What's your budget? Damian @ DPM Performance
  24. We just thought we'd let everyone on the forum know that we have just reduced the FK AK Street coilovers for the Arosa down to £170.00 delivered on our eBay store - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FK-AK-STREET-STREETLINE-COILOVER-SUSPENSION-KIT-COILOVERS-VW-LUPO-SEAT-AROSA-/131346998881?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT Damian @ DPM Performance

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