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  1. Mk1 arosa sport seats

    £80 Ono pm if interested
  2. Arosa picture thread.

    lol cheers mate
  3. Arosa picture thread.

  4. Cams for Seat arosa sport AFK engines?

    Yea ive seen them, on the website the cams for the lupos are to fit AFH ,AUA nd APE cant see anything about an AFK engine . your rite tho.. a lot of money for an extra 20bhp.. if that?
  5. Are there any about? cant find anything that will deffos fit an AFK engine
  6. oiii

    Hello to all Got a completely standard Arosa Sport in May with 57000 on the clock. Since then managed to get a few things done: Ashley 4>1 manifold with decat, no center box, scorpion back box,compomotive th monos 15x8 all round with 175/50s on and its sitting on V-maxx coilovers and currently waiting for a rear strut brace to arrive. in desprate need of smaller springs for the back cant find anything that drops below 60mm, its starting to look like im guna have to get some custom made unless anyone has got some for sale? this is what its looking like now