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    lupo 1.0
  1. Lupo picture thread

  2. Lupo picture thread

  3. relowering

    Took it Ivc in Leeds
  4. relowering

    Ye it's on coilies I'll just wind it back down then cheers
  5. relowering

    hi quick question i've just had 4 wheel alignment done on my car to get it through its mot they had to lift it back up tho to do it will it knock it all back out of line if i readjust it back down to minimum again cheers for reading
  6. window filming

  7. window filming

    anyone know of any decent window filmers in the wakefield/leeds area
  8. need a little info

    Problem found it is pinking was having a good look at work today cheers for all the help folks
  9. need a little info

    if im free this weekend ill get your addresse and stuff and nip down
  10. Lupo picture thread

  11. need a little info

    Live in castleford there's no lights on so I'll nip I. To Ivc in Leeds see what they say
  12. need a little info

    I'll take it to local specialist then cheers for advice
  13. need a little info

    I've not had a cam belt fitted in the time I've had it
  14. need a little info

    Nope no fuel smell And it's fine when driving like a granny lol
  15. need a little info

    Does happen under harder acceleration