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  1. cj1

    Vw Lupo 1.4 16v 75bhp performance gains

    +1. Rear discs are over powerful for such a small car with little weight at the back.
  2. cj1

    1.0 arosa

    Mod it to your heart's content. It's your first car and a good learning experience. I don't see anywhere any mention of you wanting it to be fast, so just make it look good and to your taste. Look forward to seeing some updates!
  3. cj1

    CL Stickers

    Toying with the idea of making some Club Lupo stickers, probably just the ones that have the website, or just say Club Lupo. If I were to, would anyone be interested? Not entirely sure of cost but it wouldn't be more than a few quid including postage. Cheers
  4. cj1

    Nats flash red lupo 1.4

    Loving this. You've just motivated me to remove the bump strips off my red lupo! PS, Silverline axle stands are £17 on Amazon for two. Easier than bricks Where did you get the gear knob?
  5. Going with something inside the slip ring. Tbh I wouldn't be concerned if the sound is inside the car.
  6. cj1

    RARE RARE RARE !!!!!

    Or maybe that's just a duplicate thread.
  7. cj1

    Just had my 085 box refurbed...

    doesn't sound great... FT?
  8. cj1


    Not as much as the time travel machine you're gonna need to get them!
  9. cj1

    Thermostat housing

    Sounds like you may have got an incorrect housing?
  10. have plenty spares. Thanks anyway, GLWS.
  11. So if the SDI is supposed to use a 200/60 , does anyone know what a standard lupo would be? I changed the one that came with the 1.0 AUC engine (No A/C), to one from my SDI and noticed an increase in running temperatures. Interesting.
  12. Nice car, should have no issue shifting it for that price. I am curious, GTI subframe? Has this been converted to use the GTI gearbox, as if it's one of the 085 ones the mount points are different aren't they? Anyway. Would you sell the 1.2's seperately?
  13. cj1

    No Engine management light

    I suspect tape or desoldering.
  14. A thermostat housing from Euro with their never ending sale is around £40. Significantly cheaper than the VW one yet exactly the same. Been using this for a while.
  15. cj1

    HELP!!! Overheating

    Okay let’s start from the beginning. 1) have you checked that the bottom radiator hose is warm, or is that cold when the top one is hot? If yes, thermostat. Temporary fix is to just remove it. They’re a couple of quid from most places. Also check there’s no damage to thermostats housing. 2)Steam is the result of the boiling water 3) as soon as the temperature reaches 100, for the love of all things gaskety, do not leave it running, especially to the point where it gets to 110
  16. cj1

    Project Rally lupo!

    Hi all, been a while since I've been on this forum! Used to drive a fantasia green lupo E for my first car! Been itching for a while to start a project off and get into rallying. Happened to get my hands on another lupo E for a reasonable price, and decided instead of selling it on/using it as a daily I'd use it as a base for a project! The car was a lupo 1.0 E. Standard car. The plan is to do the minimum to meet regulations to begin with, and then progress from there. Going to be leaving the 1.0 engine in initially and then as time/money allows upgrade to either 1.4/1.6 class. Over the weekend I've began stripping out the interior. Car mainly stripped out: Didn't realise there was this much in it! Removed radio and speakers today. Began wrapping the colour coded bits of the dash in Matt black to reduce glare on the window. The plan is to fabricate a panel to cover the double din hole where the radio is usually located, and house all the switches in here. Next up is to remove all the bits of bitumen from the chassis and roof. Then next on the list will be to install a roll cage, to see what mods need to be done (if any) to the dash for it to fit. Ordered a battery master switch with 6ft pull cord today as well. There's going to be a lot of work involved but it will be worth it when I get there! If anyone's after any interior bits, please let me know! Watch this space!
  17. cj1

    Project Rally lupo!

    ? SMJ Photography / A. Shepherd
  18. cj1

    Project Rally lupo!

    Competed in The Cetus Stages at Three Sisters on Sunday. On Saturday we were changing the front discs & pads and noticed a lot of water dripping out the back of the engine somewhere. Turns out the plastic pipe that goes across the back of the block from the thermostat housing was dripping from the bottom fitting. Took it to bits and noticed the O ring had completely perished and the plastic was broken on both ends of the pipe. At 7pm everywhere but b&q was closed so we went to their plumbing section and made a makeshift seal with two o rings and lots of ptfe tape. Re-assembled and bottom fitting wasn’t leaking, but the one on the thermostat housing was, had to cut up a spare bigger ring and make a smaller one. Still leaked but got us through the day. Finished 2nd in class out of 16 and 21st overall out of 51!
  19. cj1

    Puddle lights

    Perhaps me and matt aren't singing from the same hymn sheet from you as it were, but why would they be going into the door cards? Surely you're either going to put them inside the wing mirror housing or just into the metal at the bottom of the door? Both options are pretty viable with the space available really.
  20. cj1

    How to remove a Wiper stalk

    Yes. Alternatively find the orange/white cable running up the column and apply volts. Airbag self removes, everyone is a winner!!
  21. I saw this at Tesco on Tuesday night, parked the furthest possible distance from the store and still across two bays ;-) Nice little car.
  22. cj1

    Puddle lights

    What do you mean you don't have normal space to do so? I'd switch a relay using the interior light circuit or the microswitches in the door probably to power them.
  23. At the weekend I noticed that in one location, and one location only there's a clicking that can be felt through the steering wheel when turning it. Doesn't matter whether left or right, it's the same place each time. Jacked the car up and inspected, placed hand on each individual suspension component, driveshafts and steering rack till I could feel it. My initial suspicion was a bad cv joint but the click isn't really there at speed, just when turning at low speeds. The car still drives perfectly with no issues at all and nothing at all can be felt on either shaft when it can be felt on the steering wheel. it felt most prominent at the top of the steering rack where it meets the knuckle joint at the bottom of the column. I'm not too sure what to suspect as the problem, and before I try a new rack I thought I'd get some ideas?
  24. That's exactly what I meant, summarised perfectly!

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