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  1. CJ1's Red 1.4 TDI Sport

    Ahh okay, that makes sense now. I thought it meant a map for an engine that already had the EGR delete. Thanks for clarifying. Waiting for lead to arrive then I'll be trying the map out! Still have the file and want to make a return on your purchase @wehey?
  2. Thought I'd start a thread on the other car that is keeping me busy aside from the rally car. Last year I bought a red 1.4 TDI Sport for a price that was very low. It had been bumped into whilst parked up next to a kerb, and on initial inspection, other than being a little bit green in places it looked relatively OK and thought it would be OK after a wash. It also has a detachable towbar which someone thought was factory fitted but I'm not sure. Fast forward 7/8 months and I've just got re-motivated to do something with it, and hopefully this thread will help with that too! List of faults Crack in right hand side of rear bumper (New one required) Right side of rear beam was bent inwards (New beam required) O/S/R Shock absorber bent Passenger window regulator faulty, the clips have come loose and the window no longer goes up properly Central locking doesn't work on drivers door One wheel has been pushed inwards and split right in the middle Bump strip on o/s/r quarter is peeling away So nothing what I'd consider to be "major", and the strikethrough ones have been done already. I've just bought a set of 4 Lupo sport alloys (want it to be relatively OEM) for the grand sum of £63 which I thought was a steal! List of things that I also want to refresh: Get dents removed Remove bump strips entirely and machine polish the car Full service Clean interior as the seats are a little manky New aerial (Small things but if I put it here I'll remember!) Pictures to follow when I have the time!
  3. CJ1's Red 1.4 TDI Sport

    Sounds good anyway. Going to give this a go. Only seems to be one listed for an EGR delete engine on Blacksmoke. This won't make much difference surely?
  4. SEAT Arosa 1.4S

    What price do you have in mind?
  5. CJ1's Red 1.4 TDI Sport

    Like this? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F162935141101
  6. CJ1's Red 1.4 TDI Sport

    For what the cars used for I don't particularly want to spend more than is necessary on it for now leading to the generic route. Not the best I know, but an improvement nonetheless! Ard?
  7. CJ1's Red 1.4 TDI Sport

    I'll get some pictures when the weather clears up. And I'm glad we saved this one, I'd never driven the TDI before but it's quite nice actually. Remap is on the list. Awesome have a generic one listed for £150, think we're gonna give that a go first. Want to do some subtle mods but struggling for inspiration at the moment!
  8. Seat Arosa Sport pedal box

    Not to be cynical but I don't understand why people obsess over having their own part numbers before ringing a dealer. Could solve the problem in half of the time. It's what they're there for, if they can't find the pedal box on their diagrams i'd be worried! Also IIRC the brake pedal clip isn't available on it's own from VAG specifically for the lupo. Mk3 golf one.
  9. Odd Temp Sensor Fault

    It seems I'm the only person that had one fail closed...
  10. Lupo 3L TDI

    He doesn't want a manual box though....
  11. CJ1's Red 1.4 TDI Sport

    Found it. Can't be bothered if I'm honest, seems like too much hassle.. It's working anyway. If it isn't broke...
  12. Twin tone horn

    Where does one acquire such a horn!?!?!
  13. Twin tone horn

    Yeah pretty much. Depends on what type I guess. I have twin air horns on the rally car and I used the existing horn connections to switch a relay, with power then going to the compressor.
  14. CJ1's Red 1.4 TDI Sport

    That's the only thing I could think of. But it's not causing an issue so I probably will just live it with. What exactly causes it? (IE if I was to go for the repair option, what am I actually repairing?)
  15. CJ1's Red 1.4 TDI Sport

    Final list. 4 new tyres New suspension arms New ball joints New tie rod ends New drivers door lock Window regulator repaired New front springs / struts New ARB Drop links Replacement rear bumper - needs painting but is in much better condition than the original. New front discs & pads New rear shock absorbers Happy to report we finally got an MOT on this last week and I've been using it as a run about to keep costs down rather than using the main car for work. (Arteon). It makes a weird whining noise on startup though, like it starts, loud whining and then runs fine afterwards. Lasts a few seconds or so, anyone any ideas? I'll post a video later when I get chance.
  16. Central locking

    IIRC all lupos only have a key and no remote. The central locking isn't remote. Anyway, you'd be able to tell. Mainly by the boot lock if you're really unsure. These turn differently depending on if it is central locking or not.
  17. Project Rally lupo!

    Hi all, been a while since I've been on this forum! Used to drive a fantasia green lupo E for my first car! Been itching for a while to start a project off and get into rallying. Happened to get my hands on another lupo E for a reasonable price, and decided instead of selling it on/using it as a daily I'd use it as a base for a project! The car was a lupo 1.0 E. Standard car. The plan is to do the minimum to meet regulations to begin with, and then progress from there. Going to be leaving the 1.0 engine in initially and then as time/money allows upgrade to either 1.4/1.6 class. Over the weekend I've began stripping out the interior. Car mainly stripped out: Didn't realise there was this much in it! Removed radio and speakers today. Began wrapping the colour coded bits of the dash in Matt black to reduce glare on the window. The plan is to fabricate a panel to cover the double din hole where the radio is usually located, and house all the switches in here. Next up is to remove all the bits of bitumen from the chassis and roof. Then next on the list will be to install a roll cage, to see what mods need to be done (if any) to the dash for it to fit. Ordered a battery master switch with 6ft pull cord today as well. There's going to be a lot of work involved but it will be worth it when I get there! If anyone's after any interior bits, please let me know! Watch this space!
  18. Project Rally lupo!

    📸 SMJ Photography / Tom Irvin Photography
  19. LupoGTi Buying Guide on EVO

    Don't need to guess when it's listed in the article....
  20. Project Rally lupo!

    First event on pacenotes just gone. Went well, 28th overall and 5th in class out of 58 starters! Not feeling summing each event up. Here's a summary: https://www.ewrc-results.com/profile/132380-calvin-woods/
  21. HELP! Tracking is screwed

    Tbh I wouldn't bother with the ball joint step.
  22. Project Rally lupo!

    Been going well
  23. Soft Blue 1.7 SDI

    All parts available. Comment for prices. Can post items (Not the larger ones), or collection from near Wigan.
  24. Seeking 1.4 16v petrol engine

    oil pump failure?