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  1. Me too. But judging by the sudden influx of responses in the last day or so, we're all still keen to help him out
  2. It's a brake pipe. As above, I'd just go to your motor factors and get one made. But from your original post: Problem solved really. The "correct" one isn't any more or any less functional really.
  3. Engines that'll go in the 1.0 Lupo

    Engine mounts would probably be your biggest issue there, not going to be a simple swap. Anything from the 6N / 6N2 / 6X era should just be a simple change. Yes the wiring is a bit of a pain maybe, but the rest is easy!
  4. Engines that'll go in the 1.0 Lupo

    lupo sport engine - 100hp standard, few mods will see your 120 target.
  5. FFR Gearbox

    No worries. Let us all know how you get on!
  6. FFR Gearbox

    Sure. Replace it with any 085 box. http://workshop-manuals.com/volkswagen/polo-mk3/power_transmission/5-speed_manual_gearbox_085/technical_data/gearbox_identification/code_letters_gearbox_allocation_ratios_capacities/ http://workshop-manuals.com/volkswagen/polo-mk3/power_transmission/5-speed_manual_gearbox_085/technical_data/gearbox_identification/code_letters_gearbox_allocation_ratios_capacities_2/ Find one you like the look of!
  7. FFR Gearbox

    Wouldn't say it's common; but it can happen when you change the box. If the RPM stays the exact same it certainly indicates the selector. How's your reverse?
  8. Vw UP Gti News

  9. Competition suspension - Lupo Cup set up?

    Where did you get them?
  10. Engine help needed

    If you're changing the bottom end then you may as well just do change the rings. Easy enough to do, can leave the block in the car as well too. Just remove head and sump
  11. Alarm help please people

    I think you've done a decent job of identifying the problem yourself to be honest.
  12. lupo gti head wanted

    Sounds a little pricey but not too far off. Yeah have a look, if the damage is minimal you may as well repair it. It's just time consuming!
  13. Sump!

    Are they the same part number? You've only included one.
  14. lupo gti head wanted

    How bad is the damage to the valve seats? Can you not just replace the valves?