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  1. cj1

    Vw Lupo NOS parts

    Ahhh NOS. Got a driveshaft the other day for £55, boxed all it's life. Can't argue with that!
  2. cj1

    Exhaust for Seat Arosa 1L

    Speakers facing outwards, playing engine sounds on repeat
  3. Brand new shaft found on eBay for £55! Bargain. Been boxed since the guy got it! 6N0 407 452. Seems to be one of the petrol 6N ones so should be the same! 🙂
  4. Had the alignment checked. All seems pretty good with that! Next event is the 3rd November so let’s see how we get on if anything I’m now more concerned about the TDI and how it gets away with the angle! Ha cheers rich!
  5. Haha, I’d never noticed! Just had a look at the one I have here!
  6. Passenger side was pulled out a little but not as much as the drivers one. I agree you’d think it should be fine. Okay it’s on coilovers but it isn’t really much lower than standard ride height anyway. As far as I know, all 085 boxes share the same casing and drive flanges. Shafts are the same across all of the petrol lupos too I think. It does make me wonder though, what if this is in fact normal, but realistically who’s going to check the plunge on their driveshafts? Maybe the use of the car is what has exaggerated the impact. Cant see anything different elsewhere. I know you can get different gearbox mounts, but again as the casing is the same on all of the boxes, so long as both the chassis and the gearbox part of this are the correct pair then it should always align to the same point.
  7. Nope, tried a few shafts now, all the same. One off the polo the engine came with and the original one out of the 1.0 Lupo. Engine mounts are fine too. Aye. Did it on a lift and a big block of wood under the ball joint! Same effect I guess. I can’t fully work it out and I don’t have the original suspension to weigh it up with really but something in the set up is pulling the drivers side one out further than it should be. Ill be getting new wheel bearings soon anyway so will be able to see what they’re like soon.
  8. Ok. Yes, it was pulled out is the summary. it seems there’s no float on the outer cv so it’s hard to weigh it all up in place. But it’s very evident that tightening the outer cv into the hub that that action pulls the inner cv to the maximum of its travel. That combined with turning in either direction pulls on this joint even more. Anyhow, we machined some 6mm spacers to sit on the back of the wheel bearing and push the inner cv back towards the gearbox a bit, all seems okay and can’t feel it pulling to the maximum of the inner cv float. Job done for now, let’s see how we get on!
  9. cj1

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    Really loving the attention to detail on this. looking good. What did you get the front alignment set to?
  10. That's a very good point actually and one of the reasons I came to here to try and gather others' opinions. I'll check the outer CV, your explanation would make more sense than the seemingly undamaged inner joint simply going back together. If the outer can't move, it is going to affect the plunge on the inner too, pulling it out as soon as we turned left. Would also explain why it happened even though the car wasn't under power at all... Will report back my findings!
  11. Haven't inspected it yet. Plan for this weekend is to refit original wishbone bushes, remove spring from strut, refit strut and check for lateral movement in the shaft through all suspension and steering travel. Will inspect the outer joint too
  12. cj1

    VW Lupo wiper linkage

    One way you can fix this is to drill a small 4mm hole through the linkage, fit an M4 bolt and a nyloc nut, grease it suitably and that should last some time. Did that on mine
  13. Yeah, it's a new diff (Also may be related to the issue) with no noise at all. Front subframe hasn't been off. Wishbones aren't OEM they're pattern parts but this has been the case for a while, the only difference now is the bushes in them, which concerns me in itself. With the ball joints out we couldn't get the wishbone to move up or down at all, it's so stiff it was impossible to do.
  14. It just seems odd when there wasn’t much steering on for it to have reached the end of its travel. Still, I think I’m going to get the camber set to maybe around 0, and fit the original bottom arm bushes. These two changes seem to have contributed to the issue. Been around that track so, so many times before without issue!
  15. I didn’t notice any. Yep time for a new one, I was more curious if this was due to wear and tear or if there’s an underlying issue somewhere. Given what I’ve seen I’m leaning towards normal wear for a shaft that’s done 70k miles, 1000-2000 probably being beaten on rallies. Thinking brand new OEM ones which should do us well for a lot more events.

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