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  1. cj1

    Vw Lupo 1.4 16v 75bhp performance gains

    +1. Rear discs are over powerful for such a small car with little weight at the back.
  2. cj1

    1.0 arosa

    Mod it to your heart's content. It's your first car and a good learning experience. I don't see anywhere any mention of you wanting it to be fast, so just make it look good and to your taste. Look forward to seeing some updates!
  3. cj1

    Nats flash red lupo 1.4

    Loving this. You've just motivated me to remove the bump strips off my red lupo! PS, Silverline axle stands are £17 on Amazon for two. Easier than bricks Where did you get the gear knob?
  4. Going with something inside the slip ring. Tbh I wouldn't be concerned if the sound is inside the car.
  5. cj1

    RARE RARE RARE !!!!!

    Or maybe that's just a duplicate thread.
  6. cj1

    Just had my 085 box refurbed...

    doesn't sound great... FT?
  7. cj1


    Not as much as the time travel machine you're gonna need to get them!
  8. cj1

    Thermostat housing

    Sounds like you may have got an incorrect housing?
  9. have plenty spares. Thanks anyway, GLWS.
  10. So if the SDI is supposed to use a 200/60 , does anyone know what a standard lupo would be? I changed the one that came with the 1.0 AUC engine (No A/C), to one from my SDI and noticed an increase in running temperatures. Interesting.
  11. Nice car, should have no issue shifting it for that price. I am curious, GTI subframe? Has this been converted to use the GTI gearbox, as if it's one of the 085 ones the mount points are different aren't they? Anyway. Would you sell the 1.2's seperately?
  12. cj1

    No Engine management light

    I suspect tape or desoldering.
  13. A thermostat housing from Euro with their never ending sale is around £40. Significantly cheaper than the VW one yet exactly the same. Been using this for a while.
  14. cj1

    HELP!!! Overheating

    Okay let’s start from the beginning. 1) have you checked that the bottom radiator hose is warm, or is that cold when the top one is hot? If yes, thermostat. Temporary fix is to just remove it. They’re a couple of quid from most places. Also check there’s no damage to thermostats housing. 2)Steam is the result of the boiling water 3) as soon as the temperature reaches 100, for the love of all things gaskety, do not leave it running, especially to the point where it gets to 110

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