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  1. cj1

    GTI Upgrades

    Drop the sump and check it out. Easy enough to do!
  2. cj1

    2001 Polo 6N2 Breaking

    The door ones or the grab handles on the roof?
  3. cj1

    2001 Polo 6N2 Breaking

    Yes, not a lupo. 1.0 AUC. Shares manies of the same parts and has the same interior. All available. Silver.
  4. cj1

    Project Rally lupo!

    Since May there have been some significant changes to the car. Polybushed the front bottom arms (The plates are a bit of a PITA to fit at the same time as pushing the arm in!). Gone back to the standard 18mm arb, the 22mm one seemed too stiff, improved turn in by reverting back. Been overheating slightly but think this may have been fan related. Caused us to retire from one event. Still going well!
  5. cj1

    GTI Upgrades

    Yes. What engine is it? Send me a message. (Sorry for thread hijack)
  6. Just tried to message you but it wouldn't let me, inbox full? No idea about the arosa headlining either!
  7. cj1

    GTI Upgrades

    I have some powerflex black series 22mm inner ARB bushes if you're interested?
  8. I'm kinda tempted. You're about 2 hours away from me, but seems worth it. Nice road trip for the lesser used TDI!
  9. Hello, can anyone answer whether different models have different speed fans? I took the one from an SDI I have and put it on the rally car in place of the original one that came off a 1.0 AUC Model. I can't help but think the cooling has suffered since. This is the only thing that has changed, I run no thermostat too and water is pumping around freely. I've pressure tested the system and that's fine too. No leaks. Also, I've just acquired a 6N Polo with a 1.0 AUC engine fitted, and the fan in that has 3 wires going to it instead of the 2 on the Lupo. I would have thought these would have had the same fan on them? TL:DR; what's the way to get the highest speed factory fan on the car / what model does it come from?
  10. cj1

    Door Mirror Manual Control Malfunction

    I've always found that the knobs aren't really that great. Can't beat just pushing the glass to required position. Realistically how often does the mirror need to be moved anyway is the way I look at it. Retrofitting is always possible.
  11. cj1

    Drivers side wiper arm

    Good point, just really struggling for time at the moment. Suppose I could ring one ahead of going there!
  12. cj1

    Drivers side wiper arm

    As per title, just the arm. If you're within 20 mins of Wigan then great I'll collect, otherwise postage is required.
  13. cj1

    Help please

    Recently had this with one of mine. Was the bulb just coming loose, wiggling it resolved the issue.
  14. cj1

    Caliper carriers 256 x 20mm

    I think I have a pair.
  15. cj1

    Vw Lupo 1.4 16v 75bhp performance gains

    +1. Rear discs are over powerful for such a small car with little weight at the back.

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