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  1. GTi Central Locking

    Similar issue recently. Changed the whole lock mech. Took 20 mins if that and it all works perfectly fine now
  2. A puller makes things a lot easier. I didn't think getting to it was particularly difficult though. Is it definitely the switch that's faulty?
  3. Are you having a bad day? Don't take it so seriously. Just a thought, you could use Vagcom/VCDS to monitor the sensor, or log the data whilst driving along. See if any signal suddenly stop or stray from the norm around the times you're having the issue
  4. Want to know how much I can sell my Lupo for ?

    604800 seconds in the week and you couldn't spare 10 to reply....
  5. Alternator charging the battery OK?
  6. lost key

    I think you missed the sarcasm I know the process
  7. lost key

    Of course they're expected to keep key information for every VW in their records, how else would they fax them to the factory! I find dieselgate is just used when the debate is running out of points to present... I wonder if brexit is to blame for them being so expensive?
  8. lost key

    It was the fax, an email would have seemed like a better idea, or their internal parts system! Anyway, that passed a few minutes.
  9. lost key

  10. Cheap sdi/tdi lupo near Teesside

    What's your budget?
  11. Insurance help please

    £1500 actually sounds fairly reasonable. There isn't much advise other than to go onto gocompare and see what they get, Admiral was always the cheapest for me, event at £3900 for my first year in a 1.0 Lupo! Dropped to 1500 for the second year. Won't be long until Mr Flux appears on this thread I bet....