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  1. What did the lupo say to the aro.... Never mind
  2. Hahaa doesn't sound like a group you'd want to be a part of anyway.... I'll stick to my boring whatsapp groups
  3. Haha I think you're making us all curious now!
  4. * Inserts that escalated quickly meme *
  5. Yes. Perhaps the sarcasm didn't come across all that well here. But it was in reference to " buying wheels that fit is doing it properly." - My point is that plenty of people buy wheels that don't fit, but can be made to fit either through Spigot Rings or machining the center.
  6. Think it's only the 3L, TDI and GTI that have a different box. All others are 085 and are compatible.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162513549146 looks the same to me!
  8. You may or may not be, but without a price we'll never know.
  9. How to: Undo rear subframe bolt Lever subframe down slightly and pull out bolt refitting is the reverse of removal. LHD isn't relevant to this is it, or is your engine and gearbox the opposite too!?
  10. How come you're selling it?
  11. at the back. May be easier with starter off too.
  12. Where from?
  13. £37.79 if you get it online using their "Save30" code. ECP is the car world equivalent of DFS when it comes to never ending sales. Product: 419440341
  14. Thinking about the opposite of the problem, the center bore being too big, and I can only think if only someone would have invented a device that you could put in to reduce the size.. Nope. That would never take off. Just buy wheels that fit.
  15. Dremel is a bodge. As mk2 has said, find someone with a decent size lathe and do it properly.