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  1. So you're only noticing it after the clutch cable snapped?
  2. CJ1's Red 1.4 TDI Sport

    4 new tyres New suspension arms New ball joints New tie rod ends New drivers door lock Window regulator repaired New front springs / struts New ARB Drop links Replacement rear bumper - needs painting but is in much better condition than the original. It's getting there.... Slowly, but surely! Going to book the MOT soon
  3. ~ 10kg a door. That's 3 stone gone!
  4. New member needs help

    Ahhh I remember this one well. Knock on the speedo unit, as aggressive as you like. With the car turned off, you'll see the needle coming back down to earth!
  5. Lupo 1.0

    Yep, starter and it will be easily accessible. 3 bolts and it's off. Easy!
  6. 1.4 16v subframe

    Subframe is the same. Only 3 that are different are the GTI, 1.4TDI and the 3L. Sport hubs are different yes. Rear beam is also different as you mentioned as they have the discs on. But you can change from the stub axles outwards to convert the drums. Handbrake cables are slightly longer for discs on the back too. Engine mounts are different obviously too. Everything else "chassis-wise" is the same.
  7. arosa mid (or hi) fi

    I don't usually like audio projects as such for fear of them turning into something horrendously chavvy, but this is really cool! Can't wait to see it all finished!
  8. Other solution would be to use a soft disc on the grinder and take 1mm or so off the bush, just enough to allow it to squeeze in
  9. I really like this. Nice one. Just wondering why you've chosen to leave the rear half of carpet in though?
  10. Which Flexie hoses for G60 calipers, help!!

    Picture then?
  11. Emissions fail

    Hi, if you have your v5 to hand then the engine code is likely on there too.
  12. Air filter

    I'm sure you can get adapters I personally don't think it's worth bothering, get an exhaust or something instead if you want it to sound louder!
  13. Air filter

    It will sound even better it makes no noise at all, just silence from it's inability to function anymore. It does sound "different" without the pipe to the wheelwell, yes, but it doesn't particularly ever sound "better". been there, tried that!
  14. Lupo gti

    I like the side skirts, not keen on the fins. One thing that's bugging me is the GTI logo on the skirts looks too big for the area it's on. Think it would look better as a vinyl sticker that doesn't protrude as much as a badge. Good to see some creativity though!