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  1. This. towing limit of 750kg unbraked.
  2. There's a detachable one on my TDI too...
  3. shocks

    Maybe worth a go on the Lupo/Arosa page on facebook too.
  4. Rear bumper?
  5. Bought new ones Rich. They weren't that expensive and figured may as well do it properly, do it once.... So currently got sat around, new struts, new front springs, window reg clips, keep me busy for an evening!
  6. I like how you say that as if 3rd gear is an uncommon thing to have....
  7. Do you have a rear bumper?
  8. Turns out both front coil springs have broke at the top, so putting new springs and shock absorbers on both sides
  9. Nice, watching it now
  10. Sounds interesting. Can't really add much more to this, no link, no real question!
  11. Fair enough. Just been on the hub but can't find that, must be looking in the wrong place!
  12. Source?
  13. Oh well thats a sh*tter isn't it, you're a day too late! Someone has collected the other ones for me earlier today!
  14. Ahh I did think something odd was going on, I've noticed the "upgrade your account" images all over the show this week. Didn't think much of it till now though! I know you can directly add images to here, but how long that lasts for too i have no idea....