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  1. cj1

    SDI to 3L style conversion

    And superior 😋
  2. cj1

    Lupo GTI

    x = Drivers lock spring is bust Y = Microswitch is being held down X + Y = N N = New Lock or repair kit. Readily available from manies of places.
  3. cj1


    What have you tried thus far in diagnosing the problem? Essentially whether the car starts doesn't particularly matter at this point. The gear selector doesn't know if the car is running or not.
  4. cj1

    Arosa Engine light on ?

    If it is the above, I have a 1.0 AUC Polo at home and would have one available. (All engine parts for that matter)
  5. cj1

    Ball joint?

    Ok, changed top mount bearing and also discovered the front bolt of the suspension arm was slightly loose contributing to the banging. Still getting an odd noise on lots of turning to the right, suspect maybe tyre is catching on the spring as I noticed some rubber shavings on the strut and spring. The noise has only been present since I got the camber set to -1.5 deg, so ordered some 3mm spacers to move the wheels outwards slightly.
  6. cj1

    Lupo 3L fuel issue

  7. cj1

    Ball joint?

    Changed ball joint for good measure but didn’t really do anything. Ah well, one less out of the collection! Top mount & bearing will be here tomorrow. I am hopeful that you’re going to be the winner of this one @mk2. FE264B37-0313-44BF-8380-D86E3A7BE611.MOV
  8. cj1

    Ball joint?

    I would have been inclined to think that also but I’m not too sure. It seems to clunk in a straight line too with no steering input.
  9. Clunking randomly over bumps etc and then noticed this when I stopped. And a weird whirrring sound when turning heavily to the right. At first I put the clunking down to the diff that’s in the car but seemingly not! Not had time to properly inspect, but sounds like a ball joint, right? A2FA1568-5F4C-483B-A84E-C2A9FA4EFF25.MOV
  10. Yep. I did fear that £65 seemed a bit too good to be true. So I've got a new OEM one on order. Fingers crossed we don't have any further issues!
  11. So, update. Did a rally at Oulton Park over the weekend. Drivers side shaft was completely fine. I had a moment where I slid into a barrier, and it was tight to get out of. I ended up giving it full acceleration of full lock to the right, boom went the outer CV on the passenger side (Stage 3). Got back to service and replaced for a new (Refurbished unit by Shaftec) shaft, which lasted less than 100 metres. Inner joint failed. Can only assume they're terrible, or I was supplied the wrong one. Fitted an old OEM one I have and all was fine for the remaining 5 stages (Out of 9). So my conclusion: OEM Shafts > Re-manufactured All is well with the car following fitting spacers. Passenger side failure was due to driver error and bad parts.
  12. Thanks. I know I'm overthinking it but had a few issues with the car lately. The confusion all started when I bought 6N0 407 452X - Listed as a Polo/Lupo/Arosa shaft. I guess it's measuring tape time.
  13. So I have confirmed that indeed the polo with AFH engine had a different part number to that of the Lupo so they aren't the same. There's not a definitive answer I can find on other threads so hoping this serves as a helpful prompt for anyone else looking to do this swap. So a Petrol Lupo driveshaft, in a Lupo, with a polo AFH engine, would be the correct one to use, correct?
  14. Curiosity got the better of me and yes most I’ve found also list them as compatible for both the Lupo and Polo. Also measured strut top centres between Lupo and 6N2, both were 1030mm. So if it is indeed running a wider track and thus longer driveshafts I can only see this difference being in the bottom ball joints similar to how it is achieved on a Lupo GTI.
  15. That’s exactly what someone hiding would say...

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