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  1. Matty.Mowbray


    my lupo locked up on a corner 2 weeks ago, slid and took a concrete fencepost to the rear quarter panel my front driver wheel didnt turn either, hit the pavement with both right hand wheels (which id had on it for 6 days ) ... bent driverside wishbone, snapped my steering rack, trashed 2 wheels, rear pop out smashed, bumper cracked and ripped off, one of my tailights smashed aswell, and my axle bent. gutted thats its beyone repair so know how you felt :/
  2. cant belive my so-called 'friends' could be so pathetic tbh :L

  3. Theres probably nobody watching Alan Carr chatty man but Jessie J jus came in on a granny scooter :L

  4. Doing a heater matrix on a clio, ****ing hassle -.-

  5. Watching 'blame it on the alcohol' because its the best episode ever xD

  6. see, if Harry Potter had'nt snapped the elder wand none of this would of happened -.-

  7. all these classic groups that are springing up :L

  8. In the U.K. Homeless go without eating.

    In the U.K. Elderly go without needed medicines.

    In the U.K Mentally ill go without treatment.

    In the U.K. Troops go without proper equipment.

    In the U.K Veterans go without benefits they were promised.

    Yet we donate billions to other countries before helping our own first. Have the guts to re-post this. 1% will re-post and 99% Won't have the Guts

  9. The way irish people say what :)

  10. Dear Cher Lloyd, GTF OFF MY RAIDO BITCH

  11. Twilight marathon, AGAIN, as im running out of things to do -.-

  12. Tommorows glee project looks so kool :)

  13. Matty.Mowbray

    rear badge

    thanks a bunch people.
  14. Matty.Mowbray

    rear badge

    proobably seen this a thousand times but i cant find anything on it sooo. hi , ive taken the badge off the back of my lupo hoping to spray the backing part but its plastic welded seen them taken appart before soo i was hoping somebody could tell me how to get it back together :L thanks alot , Matt.

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