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  1. Mr ColinG

    Wait there is some news about the Up! GT

    Ha, not yet 😀
  2. Mr ColinG

    Wait there is some news about the Up! GT

    Been a long time coming but we finally got one, collected it on Friday.
  3. Mr ColinG


    There is a low mileage one 38k with fsh for sale up my way, £4k https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10209867215024791&id=1465689981
  4. Mr ColinG

    Lupo GTI door cards

    Still looking for front and rear GTI upper door cards. PM me please, don't get on here much. Thanks
  5. Mr ColinG

    Colin/ Casper hybrid.... Fizo's version

    Only in this thread. Following it in the hope Paul will eventually update the thread, be nice to see how it has progressed.
  6. Mr ColinG

    Colin/ Casper hybrid.... Fizo's version

    This one lives in Cumbria. The second one lives out Alford way, currently being converted to 1.8T. We still have a Lupo GTI in black that the wife runs about in but it is pretty standard.
  7. Mr ColinG

    Lupo GTI door cards

    Already got two interiors. Just need door cards for retrim so I can retain originals. Do you fancy splitting? And what's worst with the front passenger card?
  8. Mr ColinG

    Lupo GTI door cards

    Looking for front and rear upper door cards. Condition not important but fronts must have electric window switch holes and rears must have speaker grills. Any colour and seller would need to post. Thanks.
  9. Mr ColinG

    A3 3.2 V6 Sportback - Interior Upgrade 28/10

    Interesting. Got my RS3. Still waiting for the up gt but the wife did get a high up. She is currently slumming it in a Polo GTI until VW finally see sense.
  10. Mr ColinG

    Colin/ Casper hybrid.... Fizo's version

    I havent been on here in ages. Great to see the Lupo getting taken to the next level. Makes me want it back,can't believe it's coming up for 5 years since you bought it Paul. First dibs.
  11. Mr ColinG

    Greig's Lupo GTI No2 - update 12.04.15

    It was just gathering dust in my garage, hadn't moved for 14 months. I have other plans, we have moved Up! Good work Greig, car is looking ace.
  12. Mr ColinG

    '55 laser blue GTI

    Love that.
  13. Mr ColinG

    Adzer's black and orange lupo - project 1.8t

    Hate to break it to you guys. But the car was involved in an accident, pretty sure its a write off, he is breaking it.
  14. Mr ColinG

    Cumbria VAG 2013 - 20-21st July.

    Aye the journey was long enough, I am not a great passenger, young Greig did well though as did his dirty 2.
  15. Mr ColinG

    Lovely GTi on eBay

    GTI's are all over priced, unless you know where to find one.

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