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    VW LUPO 1.0 2005
  1. Wicked vid dude i've liked the page on facebook, i have a page on facebook aswell called VAG MANIACS. Could we do a share for a share
  2. Here we go again Openair 1 litre LOWERED VW_MANIAC

    Got the lupo lowered yesterday 80mm to go down on the front & the adjusters are still in on the back Tyres are too big and the arches ain't been rolled to go down more Here are some pics anyway
  3. Here we go again Openair 1 litre LOWERED VW_MANIAC

    Not much of an update Cut down headrests so they fit more flush & this arrived today I'll hopefully get these fitted friday or saturday
  4. Here we go again Openair 1 litre LOWERED VW_MANIAC

    It is, but i missed my old lupo and when i saw this with 31000 miles, full service history and only one owner from new. I just had to have it.
  5. Here we go again Openair 1 litre LOWERED VW_MANIAC

    Cheers dude Little update to add Flat wipers blades came today, also giving it a clean tomorrow
  6. Here we go again Openair 1 litre LOWERED VW_MANIAC

    Small update, Got about doing bits on the lupo, De wipered Took the lupo badge off the boot Took the front mudflaps off (haven't cleaned yet) Also bought some plate holders with some new metal pressed plates I'm waiting on some new flat wipers (haven't arrived yet) I took the bump strips off but it went a bit wrong but will update about that next time, here are some pics
  7. VW_MANIAC Mini Cooper S R53

    The mini is sold, heres a link to my new thread http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/99255-here-we-go-again-openair-1-litre/
  8. Here we go again Openair 1 litre LOWERED VW_MANIAC

    There not the standard aerial, its an accessory. Hoping to take it further than my other past cars
  9. Hi everybody, For a second time i've bought a little lupo. I had a Soft blue lupo at first Then moved on to a mini cooper S just over a year ago I really missed my old lupo & the mini was costing me too much money, so thought i'd return to club lupo with this little gem Its a 2005 vw lupo 1.0 openair in silver had only one owner from new, and has just over 31500 on the clock. I'll let the pics do the talking. First mod was to fit my genuine mini sport aerial (nice & small) Going to be De badging the lupo off the boot Taking the side bump strips off De wiper the rear And a good clean tomorrow More pics to come. Here's a link to my old lupo/mini thread http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/80522-vw-maniac-mini-cooper-s-r53/
  10. Who's convoying from Essex?
  11. VW_MANIAC Mini Cooper S R53

    Thanks dude I'll have to check all the above and let you know
  12. VW_MANIAC Mini Cooper S R53

    Cheers m8 Yes m8 I will be
  13. VW_MANIAC Mini Cooper S R53

    Didn't get chance to clean it today but still took some pics Plans for it are the normal CoiloversWheels (haven't decided yet)JCW partsClean upI'll get better pics hopefully next weekend