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  1. At the opposite end of the spectrum, I'd take this for £995:
  2. An extra "9" I suspect.
  3. Parts are always going to be difficult for what is now a pretty niche car. It won't be a problem to get someone to manufacture a specific part - but they'll want a large volume to make it worth their while, and who's going to front that cost given the likelyhood of getting the money back? Membership isn't an issue (and that itself is another discussion), it's more the cost and logistics of making it worthwhile. I don't want to order 200 custom-madeball joints for £1000 and find I can only sell 8 of them
  4. Server ran out of space - drive has been extended and we're back up and running
  5. I've created the Wiki here - Discussions surrounding the Wiki, it's content and layout can be done here - It's editable only via registered accounts, which must be requested (PM me if you need one and want to contribute - let me know what username and password you want).
  6. Yeah, it'll be completely separate to the forum - however how it's linked is completely customisable; probably easier to have a link across the top. Give me a couple of days, I'll do it the same time as I upgrade the forum software and drop a link here.
  7. Oh, it's easy enough to setup using MediaWiki which can be hosted here and managed. I've actually tried twice before, trying to copy the SELOC Wiki which I like the format of; I can't even remember why I canned it, in all honesty! Easy enough to get it installed again if needed?
  8. Apologies - seems the permissions in here were a bit screwy. People could create topics, but not reply to any. Wrong way around... Fixed now If anyone has any suggestions, or feels they have a long term project which should/could go here, let me know.
  9. It was hard work last time - I don't think there is enough of a social side to warrant it anymore, some people were winning categories as there was only 1 vote Long gone are the days when this was used as a social forum, it's pretty much down to the technical and ownership of Lupo's now.
  10. Can someone let me know if the messages are now working please? Since the update and all.....
  11. Classic Ray misdirection. He also claims the person who has it is in "Australia". I'll add him to the suspects list. Only if we set some ground rules - it can only contain the words "Club" and "Lupo". I've been here long enough to know what kind of signs would be made....
  12. Not until someone tells me where the CL sign is!
  13. It seems it's a GMail thing - I don't get notifications to this account which uses GMail, same as you. But my test account gets them on Hotmail... Our server isn't on any blacklists, so I don't see why it wouldn't get sent strange...
  14. Looks like it's not working....I'll have a look tomorrow. Strange!
  15. Hm....I haven't got any turned on! I'll try it....