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  1. Lupo tdi red breaking

    Perfect, I've sent you a PM
  2. Lupo tdi red breaking

    Could you spare the petrol flap?
  3. Just removed the steering wheel to fit new indicator stalk. All fine except horn now beeps randomly when turning wheel. Couple of questions: Does the earth through wire through the centre of the wheel connect to the airbag or inner steering wheel (honestly didn't take notice when taking it off!) The ribbon came out when I took the wheel off (aarrgghh). Does anyone have a pic/diagram of the small white clip and spring on the rear of the steering wheel. It looks like they only go in one way but not sure it's right!Cheers
  4. Remote Key Fob

    I'm after a 2 button remote fob, not bothered about the blade or transponder (although will take these as I'm mucking about). Remote needs to be working (i.e. send a signal!)
  5. I have VCDS Lite (registered) and am trying to match the only key I have. The light on the fob lights and I've changed the battery to make sure. I have followed the instructions Here but to no avail. On thing I have noticed is block 007 (or 003) does not show any info as the guide suggests it should. I can now only suggest one of two things is happening: 1) I'm still doing it wrong; 2) my fob is knackered Any ideas?
  6. Arosa Front & Rear Seats

    Will be skipped on Saturday if no-one wants them
  7. Arosa Seats - Grey

    Going in in the skip on Saturday if no-one wants them
  8. Which VAGCOM?

    Will the £9 VAGCOM (VCDS Lite) allow me to reprogramme keys? If not do you know anything (cheap) that will!?
  9. A bit more detail on the problem - changed the battery (multiple times) and check it against a receiver (one of theose in-shop testers) and it works. However it seems intermittent, sometime it lights, sometime it doesn't, sometimes it says on! Any ideas? If I was to get a new one do I have to go to a stealer?
  10. I have a seat arosa TDI and ONE key. The remote central locking now does not operate even though it was fine yesterday I've tried all the suggestions on this site and on other but I cannot get the key to operate the remote central locking (using the key works fine). The LED lights and have changed the battery just in case. HELP!
  11. Castellet Alloy Centres

    I read somewhere that Mk3 Golf alloy centres are a decent fit on these but need to get hold of a one to try. Anyone know if this is true?
  12. Arosa Front & Rear Seats

  13. Castellet Alloy Centres

    In any condition, they just have to fit vw castellets (don't have to be specific centres from that wheel!)