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  1. My local VW dealership know of this issue and the goodwill gesture VW offer for the Lupo, but told me to get in touch with a Seat branch for my Arosa. The service manager at Seat isn't interested, he just wants the business. Phoned Seat to be told they don't have any issues with the pedal box on their system. Found that a bit hard to believe. Anyone had any luck with their Arosa?
  2. Droopy

    Pedal box issues

    This has been well covered many times across these forums. The problem with the Lupo pedal box also plagues the Arosa, with the clutch travel bracket breaking or fracturing. Having read around I see that VW know this was an issue and were offering a goodwill gesture towards replacement. Now I have an 03 plate Arosa, barely done 50k as its not used often, and the pedal box has fractured. Phoned my local VW dealer whom I've dealt with many times in the past and he said to contact a Seat dealership, but commented that it was well known on the Lupo at his branch. The Seat service manager didn't want to know so I got on the phone to Seat Customer Care.. where I was told Seat don't even have anything on their system relating to the pedal box on any of the Arosa models being an issue. This I find hard to believe. Any owners out there had their pedal box done FOC through Seat, or any goodwill gesture of any sorts?

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