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    Nothing. Ignis sport just got wrote off :( lol
  1. Hey all

    I can't find any anywhere lol. I might be buying my ignis back and stripping it now and hopefully make a grand off it so I'd have 4k to play with. Still hard to find one though
  2. Yep. A soppy 3k sorry lol lovely car though glws
  3. silver GTI with black badges

    If it's the one I think your on about he used to have a civic before hand. Their ronal's not bbs I think though.
  4. Only offer I could add would be close to 3k would love a black one too
  5. GTi T's Lupo GTi For Sale Price Reduction

    Only if it was cheaper lol
  6. Hey all

    Hey guys, looking at getting a lupo gti as my Suzuki ignis sport got written off this week. Got about 3k to spend I thinks hopefully find something. What can people tell me about these? Price on parts and aftermarket parts? Can you achieve any power for reasonable prices without turbo/supercharger? Also anything to look out for when buying. Thanks Matt