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  1. Bought a New Lupo

    Nice car, i was looking at tornado red before i got the laser blue
  2. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Cheers chris, it wasnt an expensive job but one that has made the drive much more enjoyable. I think it's the little details that make the biggest transformation tbh, i was suprised myself how well the exhaust came up as i wasnt holding much hope haha Will update as and when i do bits...
  3. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Haha you n me both mate, its next on the list to replace with plain plates, will be stuck on as not fan of screwed on
  4. Stef's laser blue GTI

    So another day, another little package arrived.. Noticed this split after cleaning the car, only ordered yesterday, great service. And i took the rest of the week off, so popped to the pub. Really do love this little car Cheers stefan
  5. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Yeah but im not programmed like that, if it bugs me it ruins the drive, and if hill start or pulling out of a slope it really struggled. Done now for a long time. And wasnt expensive in my opinion. Compared to the the golf r32 this is peanuts to run
  6. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Update.. So car got clean bill of health from jkm in Portsmouth, really good bunch of guys down there, had few things to look over.. And i ended up just going ahead and replacing the clutch, it was abit vague and struggled on hills, so rather than spoil the driving pleasure i just replaced it, now its great! Next on the list was to replace the rear wiper arm and blade, the standard just didnt clear the screen very well and i didnt like the appearance of it so swapped for a mk6 polo version.. I also took the day off work as the weather was awesome, i gave the lupo a clean and went to grab some shots, also gave the exhaust a good going over with some autosol before and after to show the difference And ones on a nice drive Found a pub and stopped for a beer Cheers stefan
  7. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Thankyou bud, only mods would maybe be kw coilovers but i really am enjoying it in standard form. Such a fun little car
  8. 2005 (55) Laser Blue GTI 64k

    Christ no!!! It wont be ruined at all, i just meant like new mats, wipers, little touches like that
  9. 2005 (55) Laser Blue GTI 64k

    Haha sick mind you have
  10. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Thought about it already.. Im sure i will in time
  11. Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Are you losing the tints? Would look better i feel.
  12. Jamie's black GTI (now Raven Blue)

    Very nice!!
  13. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Cheers, i too like the red trim so will stay.
  14. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Thats cool, they are rare as they are without being butchered to be honest
  15. Stef's laser blue GTI

    Thanks mate, i wont be changing it, not into the whole air ride vag scene to be honest Pondering on kw coilovers and rear spacers but that would be as far as modifications go, and simple to put back.