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  1. My rear nearside was making a God awful noise yesterday the breaks had been binding but when I took the hub off the center bit of the bearing came out so I could see the ball bearings I know this is a sealed unit but is this normal at all when tightened there is no play in the wheel when all tight?
  2. Cheers mate whats a geo? Cheers mate whats a geo?
  3. Cheers grazo... well struts fine cos ive got coilies now so thats not it but ill have a look trying to tighten the subframe and see if i can see anything abnormal with wishbones... the tre and the rack end both seem.fine aswell
  4. hi i was wondering if anyone can help me.. i had a little accedent afew weeks back where i hit a puddle and it pulled me towards the kurb and my car mounted the kurb.. the care drove exactly the same afterwards but id been meaning to do it for a while before so thaught i would get the traking doen.. when i got it done they said it wouldnt be 100% accurate because my car was lowered (about 40-60mm on springs) but i already knew this due to having previous lowered cars... when they traked it the ns track rod end wound all the way on but still didnt line up! so they blamed it on the lowered car... i was planning on coilies anyway so i bought my coilies and i changed the rideheight all tthe way up and when tracked i still had the same problem... i then lowered the car down because it didnt pull that much... and put my new wheels on where it drove alright pulled a little but jus what you would expect from a lowered car... 1000 miles later my brand new tyres are now bald on the inside and outside edges and about 3mm over the rest of the tyre... i had a look to see if i cold see anything bent or anything and icouldnt... i found a bolt that attaches subframe to chasis that wobbles around but you cant loosen it or tighten it or even pull it out! but there seems to be no play in this so i dont know if this is causing it! i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas as i dont just want to go randomly guessing and throwing lodsa money into the car..cheers... this is the bolt in question aswell
  5. this still for sale? u got pics of damage?