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  1. never fitted to car painted in raven blue to suit the Lupo GTi £80 posted
  2. G-Chi-i

    Rear pop out windows and engine cover

    That is correct engine cover is provisionally sold.
  3. rear pop outs - 2 windows - 2 seals - 8 screws - 2 C pillars been covered in black leather £80. would prefer if buyer collects as I dont trust courriers with glass! or I will put on courrier for an extra £10, but I will not take resposibilty for any loss or damage. Engine cover from my Lupo GTI £35 posted
  4. G-Chi-i

    Spotted @ Modified Nationals

    It sure was me
  5. G-Chi-i

    Blue GTI, Silver GTI in hull

    I see that silver GTI every morning, must live near me, always spot it at ennerdale round about.
  6. G-Chi-i

    Anyone got Porka 944 rims on their Gti??

    These are my 7 slots... I may have a set of D90s for sale soon...
  7. G-Chi-i

    Pick Up Lines

    fancy a chinese liam? lol
  8. G-Chi-i

    Oh baby

    I know what you mean, a few of my friends are pregnant too. babies are popping out everywhere! I'm glad I go double dutch lol
  9. G-Chi-i

    Pick Up Lines

    Fancy a chinese? I know one that quite fancies you.
  10. G-Chi-i

    Smoothed Silver and Black GTI!!!

    looks great! good job
  11. G-Chi-i

    lupo and arosa in hull

    The Arosa is my boyfriends sisters car. The Lupo I think is Amy?
  12. i hate you soooo much! :) ive seen your car around Hull, and im so jealous of it! cos blues my fav colour,and my names Che, so its like, personal plate :D its a gaawjuss car.

  13. G-Chi-i

    Red slammed Lupo (Hull)

    that will be my mate shanons car with her bf driving it, did it have a white roof?
  14. G-Chi-i

    Lupo GTI By GTi T

    grrr Tom!!! You make me sooooo angry coz your car is so sexy!! haha! Chi x
  15. G-Chi-i

    silver lupo

    silver lupo slammed on its @$$ parked in Maplin / Staples car park, sitting on ATS classics and and L plate in window! car looks great