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  1. Hello, I was fitting discs and pads to my girlfriends 1999 Lupo SDI and one of the caliper/slider bolts broke off into the hub. I've drilled it out but I'd still rather just replace the hub as I think I opened it up too far. My problem is what is this part called? A hub carrier? A hub? I've been on ebay looking but none of them look right. I'm talking about the large part that bolts onto the strut and the caliper bolts onto it. Does anyone have one or can they point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  2. hippytyre

    Electric windows

    Hello, I bought a 2000 Lupo SDI and it has a few little things wrong with it which I'm fixing one by one. The next one on my list is to fix the electric windows. The previous owner got snow into the electric windows switches on the driver side and fried them! I've managed to source another switch on ebay and the guy was good enough to include the plug and about 8 inches of the loom. My problem is that as the switch comes from a Polo the wiring colours are different even though the switch is exactly the same. I was wondering if anyone is planning to remove/clean or do anything that would require them to remove the switches from their lupo as I need to know what colour of wires go to which pins on the plug so I can join what I have up to it. Thanks Callum.
  3. Hello, I just bought myself a 1999 Lupo SDI and I'm fixing all of the little problems it has one by one. The previous owner managed to get snow onto the driver side electric window switches and they went on fire so he chopped the switches off at the loom and binned the switches. I've just managed to get a set of switches from ebay and the seller was kind enough to include the plug from the loom and about six inches of the loom itself so I can wire it to mine. My problem is that since the switches are from a Polo the wiring colours are totally different. I can take the loom out and repair it but I need to know which wires go where. Could anyone take a picture of their electric window plugs or does anyone have a wiring diagram for a lupo door loom? The switches themselves seem to be exactly the same as the Lupo ones and it fits into the door car perfectly. Thanks!
  4. I've not really had time for a good look yet as we've just moved house but once this snow clears I'll check the linkages. Thanks for all the advice folks!
  5. My rear wiper works great now that I reconnected the pipe for the washer jet I've had a look and the wipers aren't loose and I doubt its the battery because being a diesel the battery is quite beefy. I was talking to a VW mechanic today and he thinks it could be the relay, I'll see how much one is and give that a shot. Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. Hello, I just bought myself a 1999 Lupo 1.7 SDI and it has a few minor problems, most of which I've managed to solve with the help of these forums, thanks guys! I still have one irritating problem though. My wipers work perfectly but they rarely stop back where they should, usually they stop vertically but its totally random. I've had a look at all of the fuses under the dash and none of them seem to be blown, could it be a relay or maybe the wiper motor at fault? On a side note, does anyone run vegetable oil in their SDI? Thanks

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