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  1. Hi. I am looking for the part number for the engine mount used by some to install a 1.8t into a lupo gti. (Possibly a polo diesel or somthing) I know most people now go with the mk4 golf mount set up but I really want to use this one. Many thanks
  2. VW Darren

    1.8t loom advice please

    Buy a copy of "elsa win" off eBay. That's the workshop system vw use. You can every wiring diagram on there.
  3. VW Darren

    Gearbox help!

    Yes sounds like 3rd synchro. Part is cheap but time consuming to fit. I'm in Manchester -a bit far from Scotland!
  4. VW Darren

    6 Speed gearbox problem

    Worn third synchro.
  5. VW Darren

    Lupo Gti what shold i do? Help

    Enjoy the car, don't preserve it for the next owner.
  6. VW Darren

    Will a 6speed Lupo Gti gearbox fit a 1.8T?

    Bum Thanks for the replies. So what options are there for a 6 speed?
  7. VW Darren

    Lupo 1,8t 20v conversion

    Loving your work. Regarding the mapping of the car -you mentioned a program u are using. Where did u get it from? Does it use a standard diagnostic cable like vag com? Is there a forum? This is something I'd like to get into.
  8. Noticed most people use the gearbox that came with the 1.8t engine when they do a engine conversion. Is this just with the non Gti models? Will the 6speed Lupo Gti gearbox fit??
  9. VW Darren

    Engine swaps emmision testing

    Emissions are tested for the car, not the engine. So a newer engine in an older car -no problem. I had a 20v in a mk1 golf so it didn't even need to run the CAT. An older engine in a newer car could be a problem with emissions -does your Lupo have a CAT? Your old air cooled engine will struggle to meet its emissions level. The white mk3 pictured above uses a beetle chassis so is still a Beetle with a Golf shell ontop.
  10. VW Darren

    Having just seen this, all I can say is WOW.

    That's one tidy garage!
  11. VW Darren

    Bora se 130 tdi

    Thanks for the offer Joe. I think I'm going to get a Caddy van and part ex this towards it.
  12. VW Darren

    Bora se 130 tdi

  13. VW Darren

    Bora se 130 tdi

  14. VW Darren

    Bora se 130 tdi

  15. VW Darren

    Bora se 130 tdi

    Make:vw Model:bora se 130 tdi MOT:nov 2011 TAX:july Engine size:1896 Fuel type:diesel Mileage: 115k Description including modifications:standard. Has cruise, 6 speed, auto wipers, auto dimming mirror, original gamma head unit with single cd, vag ipod lead, fully stamped up service history, no rattles or leaks, mechanically spot on, the engine is really smooth and quiet for a diesel oh and doesn't smoke. Body work is dent free but has a scratched front bumper. Location:manchester Images:to follow Price:worth about £2500 want to swap for a lupo gti with cash your way. 07947625387