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  1. Alex160

    Matte army green vinyl wrap

    How hard is this? I've tried vinyl on some smaller parts, but I can't really get it to stick. I use a heat gun to soften it up and to mold it into corners etc. Flat spots are easy and sticks perfectly, but the uneaven places are hard. Might be because I'm doing plastic bits? or can you heat it up to much maybe?
  2. Alex160

    Throttle Body

    Will i see any gains or quicker throttle responce from changing the throttlebody on my 1.0 to a 1.4 or 1.6? Not talking about the full conversion with single bodies, but just the inntake part. will give more air won't it?
  3. Alex160

    taking off doorcards

    that was what happened to me! but if you just bend the pole or whatever it should work again. Needs to be in the correct position!
  4. Alex160

    taking off doorcards

    Hey, can someone please give me some tips on removing the upper doorcards? I started to remove the driverside one, but suddenly the doorlock wouldn't work. The key just went round and round in the lock. I got a aftermarket sentrallocking-system with remote control. I just bent the lockpin a bit(the one that comes up through the doorcard) and the door started to lock again. Just afraid that I'll totally break it if I try to take it off again.. so tips are welcome sorry for the english, I'm norwegian
  5. Alex160

    Tow Bar

    I have one on my 1.0 Put my 1.0 can't pull **** tho.. lol
  6. Alex160

    Engine swap

    Thanks for the reply Not after the same ammount of power, just after a bit more power.. would never be able to get 1,8T approved in the lupo The norwegians are strict on that.. Only engines delivered in the car originally are allowed.. So I guess a 1,4 or a 1,6.. Changing out parts is also ok Just wondered about the engine mounts.. but if I have to change em anyways, I guess the 1,6 is the way to go ^^
  7. Alex160

    Engine swap

    Or you could have just told me if any of the engines fits directly into the org. mounts if you knew? Would have taken you the exact ammount of time to write.. Been searching.. but most of the threads are long, and I found no direct answer to my question..
  8. Alex160

    Engine swap

    Hello from Norway Bought a 1.0 Lupo the other day. It was a nice car, and I really needed one as my old car died Anyways.. the 1.0 is SLOW! Specially since my last now dead car had 160hp.. If I wanted to do a engine swap sometime in the future, which engine would be best? Is there an engine that fits directly into the mounts, or do I have to move the mounts not matter which engine i put in it? which conversion is the easiest? Don't have any experience with these things, since I didn't have any interest in cars until I bought my first one 2 years ago.. Maybe I should have bought a lupo with a bigger engine, but all the lupos are imported in Norway, and very few have imported anything else than the 1.0. So there was only 1.0's for sale

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