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  1. Sky Insurance

    *£500 Voucher towards your next insurance policy - Prize Draw*

    Thank you for all the entries so far - the responses have been great thus far. Bit of a bump - We've got a week left so make sure you get your entries in: http://www.skyinsurance.co.uk/blog/insurance-enquiry-request/ Prize draw to finish on 30th September with the winner to be announced in the 1st week of October. Good Luck! https://www.facebook.com/MACEMediaChrismisterMann?ref=hl - for the love of cars
  2. Sky Insurance are giving away a £500 voucher towards your next insurance policy! Open to new customers AND current (effective against your renewal) All that is required is for you to follow the web address below, enter your details onto the form (takes literally thirty seconds) and you will be entered into a prize draw. We will leave this open during the month of September and announce the winner in early October. T&C's apply Here is the web address: https://www.skyinsurance.co.uk/blog/insurance-enquiry-request/ Please do have a look over my blog and feel free to share the promotion with friends & Good Luck Chris - Sky
  3. Sky Insurance

    2014 with Sky Insurance

    Hi all, we just wanted to bring our details up to date for 2014 and we look forward to speaking to you when you are looking around for your insurance needs. At Sky Insurance, we specialise in modified, performance and imported car insurance, we also offer up to a 20% discount to members of car clubs. We will search our panel of insurers to find you the best possible price and level of cover for your vehicle(s). We cover modified and standard vehicles, we prefer performance orientated vehicles. We must speak to you on the phone to go through a quotation, our Contact Details are as follows: Tel: 01707 642552 Web: www.skyinsurance.co.uk Blog: www.skyinsurance.co.uk/blog/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Sky-Insurance/225891984122217 You are also welcome to send us a Private Message via the club forum. Sky Insurance have the following Facilities available: Track Day Insurance Cover: www.skyinsurance.co.uk/track-day-insurance/index.html Family Fleet / Multi Car Cover available Van / Commercial Vehicle Insurance Agreed Valuations Mirrored NCB Modified cars - we cover everything from aftermarket air filters to remaps to engine swaps. Modifications are covered on a like for like basis. Forget about the price comparison sites, please call Sky Insurance for a quotation on Tel: 01707 642552.
  4. Sky Insurance

    Insurance on slammed lupo 18 yr old?

    Leave it standard for the first year.
  5. Sky Insurance


    Hi All, Christmas opening times in the link below: http://www.skyinsurance.co.uk/blog/2013/11/christmas-opening-times/ Merry Christmas to all!
  6. Sky Insurance

    Why you need to contact Sky Insurance!

    Hi, I believe this relates to an email we have received today which we are looking into, one of our agents will contact you asap. Some of the issues you raise are beyond our control, eg you are looking to change your policy for laid up cover but you do not have a classic car policy and we cannot suspend your current policy. I can understand some of your frustration but some of what you request is outside of our control. Thanks We may be able to help, tel: 01707 642552
  7. Sky Insurance

    Insurance company's talk to me

    Feel free to get in touch for a quotation. Tel: 01707 642552 http://www.skyinsurance.co.uk/car-club-insurance.html Thanks
  8. Sky Insurance

    Elephant Insurance help

    As far as I know, they do cater for coilovers so perhaps stay on the phone and ask to speak to a manager. Best of luck with it Ollie
  9. Sky Insurance

    Why you need to contact Sky Insurance!

    We'll struggle I'm afraid, due to your (I assume) 'FY' postcode.
  10. Sky Insurance

    Why you need to contact Sky Insurance!

    If you have only used our quick quotation facility, please get in touch over the phone so we can offer a confirmed quotation. Thanks Ollie Sky Insurance tel: 01707 642552 I've dropped you a PM Pete.
  11. Sky Insurance

    Why you need to contact Sky Insurance!

    Hi, £4200.89 indicates we do not want to insure but thanks for giving us a try. Ollie Sky Insurance
  12. Sky Insurance

    Why you need to contact Sky Insurance!

    Feel free to PM me your surname and postocde if you'd like for me to shed some light on this.
  13. Sky Insurance

    Why you need to contact Sky Insurance!

    Hi guys, the online quick quote is exactly that.. a quick quotation based on assumed information. Please both get in touch when you are up for renewal so we can run through a confirmed telephone quotation. Thanks Ollie Sky Insurance
  14. Sky Insurance

    Why you need to contact Sky Insurance!

    Why you should contact Sky Insurance We have a team of knowledgeable car enthusiasts ready to speak to you and run through a quotation. We specialise in insuring YOUR car and we offer up to a 20% discount to members of this car club ! Who are Sky Insurance? We are an Insurance broker who specialise in Modified, Performance and Import Car Insurance. How to Contact Sky Insurance http://www.skyinsurance.co.uk/insurance-quote.html Tel: 01707 642552 Check out our Blog: http://www.skyinsurance.co.uk/blog/ Check out our 2013 Competition! (open to all) http://www.skyinsurance.co.uk/blog/2013/01/ariel-atom-experience-competition/
  15. Sky Insurance

    insuring a lowered arosa

    Hi, our minimum criteria is as follows: Age 19 or over with a full 2 years driving experience for TPFT Cover Age 21 or Over with a full 2 years driving experience for Comprehensive Cover ^ both of the above subject to at least 1 year claim free driving experience Thanks Ollie Sky Insurance tel: 01707 642552 http://www.skyinsurance.co.uk/car-club-insurance.html

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