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  1. 1.4 TDi losing power

    http://www.filedropper.com/documentareturbo I've attached the documentation. Download and unzip. You need Acrobat Reader for read. Try to step-by-step the procedures there.
  2. 1.7 SDI gearbox needed

    The linkage mechanisms, I didn't find the right word
  3. 1.7 SDI gearbox needed

    My car is about 350k km (217k miles), I changed the oil in the box twice and every time I put the vw g50. It still works very well both at -30 degrees celsius and at +40 degrees celsius. Of course I always made sure that the box is full (I swapped the selector seal once) and I periodically greased the selector mechanism.
  4. SDI Hesitation/Judder At Low Revs, Fuel Starvation?

    Yes, but not because it's a problem but because I like more how it works. It has a better torque at low revs. I canceled it only by canceling the EGR vacuum with a screw. The intake flap is still working. Sometimes I canceled the flap, but except a much noise at idle, I did not see any improvement. I really like how it works in this combination: EGR off, 55-degree cetane diesel and 2T oil 100ml/20l diesel
  5. 1.4 TDi losing power

    There are three valves: the N75 that controls the turbine, the N18 that controls the EGR and N239 that command variable intake manifold flap. On VNT (variable nozzle turbo) turbines N18 and N75 are identical in appearance and operation because they operate on a vacuum basis. I think you saw something like that in another VAG. At the bypass turbines (westgate turbine) like the one on your car, N75 is different because it works on a pressure basis. in the first pdf you can see on page 5 how the westgate turbine works . The error 17964 (Charge Pressure Control -Negative Deviation) indicates that the bypass valve has remained open and can not be closed to increase the pressure. I hope the attached documents will help you find the malfunction. VARIABLE_TURBO.pdf N75 Test.pdf Presure unit Test.pdf Supercharger Test.pdf
  6. SDI Hesitation/Judder At Low Revs, Fuel Starvation?

    Yes, canceling the EGR is a good palliative
  7. sdi puff of blue smoke at cold start

    Maybe the timinig. Check Basic settings, group 000, the second field. Put here a printscreen with this group after cold start
  8. If it depends on the travel speed can be from the wheel bearing (if you happen to hear the sound in about the same area you probably accelerate there harder). Usually in this situation the sound only occurs once and does not reappear even if the conditions in which it appeared are reproduced (it isn't a rule, but it can happen ) and the sound disappear at the speed reduction.
  9. SDI Hesitation/Judder At Low Revs, Fuel Starvation?

    Yes, this method is good if you are absolutely sure that egr closes well, otherwise otherwise the blanking plate method is the best way.
  10. SDI Hesitation/Judder At Low Revs, Fuel Starvation?

    I knew we had talked about it but I did not know where Yes trumpets are made of plastic but are made of special plastic that is not attacked by petroleum products. I used brake cleaner, WD40 and a thinner. To clean the soot from the inlet ports on the block I used a sheet-metal spatula After that, to clean the stoot falling on the valves I attached a hose to a vacuum cleaner
  11. SDI Hesitation/Judder At Low Revs, Fuel Starvation?

    I had this problem and the cause can be seen below Obstruction of intake If, when hesitant, the engine exhausts black smoke and the engine noise changes, it is almost certain that this is the cause or the egr does not close well . For testing cancel the EGR by removing the vacuum hose (plug the hose with a screw to prevent vacuum loss) and you can apply the same procedure as the hose that fits into the inlet flap ( operation of this flap is closely related to the functioning EGR ) If the engine's performance improves, you've found the area where you need to fix it .
  12. AUA is a 55 kW engine. The similar 55 kW engines that equipped lupo (with the same manual gearbox 085E code FFR or ETD) are: AHW, AKQ, APE, BBY. AUD isn't a 1.4 16v 55kW motor. It is 1.4 8v 44kW engine. I think the most similar with AUA is APE (the wiring diagrams are identical, the same ECU's Magneti Marelli 4AV). AHW and AKQ are the older generation (with only one oxigen sensor), ECU's and wiring diagrams aren't the same with AUA, and BBY is a newer version with two oxigen sensor but with individual induction coil (the same story like AHW and AKQ from the point of view of wiring diagrams and ECU). The conclusion is that the best fit is an APE engine for a direct replacement.
  13. 1. Try to put the transparent fuel hose (7 in diagram) in a tank with diesel fuel. 2. If it start replace the o-rings of control valve. 3. If it not start check the fuel shut off solenoid and timing.
  14. Diesel engine vacuum pump

    For diesel engines, the vacuum formed in the intake manifold is too small (because a Diesel engine has no throttle butterfies then a vacuum is not created in the inlet manifold in the same way as in a petrol engine) so a separate pump is needed for the brake servo pump and for the control of actuators (EGR, turbo, etc).The PD motors are included it in the tandem pump.
  15. AKU 1.7 block marked 1.9?

    I don't think so. You can not ignore it when installing toothed belt .It is the shaft that drives the oil pump.
  16. AKU 1.7 block marked 1.9?

  17. To diagnose the sensor, check in vag com, Measuring blocks, Group 007 which value indicates the temperature of the coolant. Checking is done in the morning without starting the engine with the contact only. All temperatures in this group should be almost the same. If everything is ok here, then the problem can be the timming. To determine if it is ok, check the second field in Basic Settings (BS), Group 000 (attention Basic settings not Measuring Blocks, are not the same). Read this and for complete the diagnose put some print screen with MB, Group 001, 004, 013 and BS, Group 000, all with cooling fluid over 80 degrees Celsius.
  18. Dogbone Mount for SDI

    1.4TDI: 6N0199851AF 1.2TDI: 6E0199851 1l: 6N0199851AG or 6N0199851AL (depending chassis number) 1.4 l and SDI: 6N0199851AH 1.4 FSI: 6N0199851B 1.6: 6N0199851D
  19. seat arosa non start

    If the spark plugs have no spark and injectors do not receive fuel when it does not start then check/replace the Hall sender (G40) http://workshop-manuals.com/volkswagen/golf-mk3/power_unit/motronic_injection_and_ignition_system/ignition_system_glow_plug_system/servicing_ignition_system/removing_and_installing_parts_of_the_ignition_system/ Fault of immobilizer causes the engine to stop to a one second after starting.
  20. Seat Arosa 1.4 tdi 2001 Gearbox code

  21. Suggestions?

    Bank 1, Sensor 1 = pre-cat Bank 1, Sensor 2 = after-cat Bank 2 is for longitudinal engine with two exhaust manifold. https://static.cargurus.com/images/site/2015/03/24/19/52/pic-3585884633758656484-1600x1200.jpeg
  22. SDI Cranks but wont start

    First renew the fuel filter orings (elements no.5). To establish the source of the air in the fuel lines remove the hose no. 10 of filter and enter it directly into a bottle with diesel. If it start the main issue could be that orings.
  23. Gearchange diagnosis???

    http://workshop-manuals.com/volkswagen/polo-mk3/power_transmission/5-speed_manual_gearbox_085/gearbox_mechanicsoperation_constructiondiff./servicing_selector_mechanism_(cable_selector_mechanism)/adjusting_gear_selector_mechanism_(cable_control_gear_selection)/ It is the same gearbox like lupo sdi. You need VW 3192 Gear stick jig . Before adjusting try to check this part http://vwforum.ro/topic/41333-probleme-cutie-de-viteze-manuala/?do=findComment&comment=2717605 Have you same difficulties when the engine is off?
  24. Timing Belt Kits Inc Deflection Pulley?

    Thanks for pics, very interesting. Currently I canceled the EGR valve and intake flap by canceling the vacuum and I feel better torque at low revs, but I see that it can be better. Your screen grabs looks good, but let's take them one by one: gr. 001: the amount injected at idle is a bit high ---> the consumption at idle could be a bit high (I have 0.3l/hour--->gr 015), low consumption in motion (my consumption) and the car can be a bit lazy. My engine has 2,4mg/str at 900C. It can be adjusted small limits with this method or in larger limits with hammer mod gr 004: Ok, but is interesting to know which is the value in Basic settings, 000 group, the second field. You can log any kind of parameters (Push Log--->Browse-->Start--->Done,close) at idle or walking ( very useful in this situation because you can record parameters without having to keep an eye on laptop ), but at start if the battery it is not in good condition the software will loses the communication with ECU due to lower voltage, so you need an additional source of power (another car) I attached some information about measuring blocks and how to test the N108 Observation: 1.It is more useful to attach logs to the post 2. I think we need a separate topic for the diagnosis of Lupo/Arosa diesel engines measuring blocks.pdf Checking injection timing control range.pdf
  25. Oil breather pipe missing, what do i need to do?

    The air comes from outside of engine bay for larger quantity of oxygen (cold air= more oxygen , in engine bay the air is too hot so less oxigen)