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  1. HappyPie

    SOLD - 2 x Toyo Proxes T1R 205/45/R15 81V

    Hi I’m interested in the tyres. Could you possibly send me some pics of the tread and the wear you mention? Also can you what the date of manufacture on the sidewall of the tyre is? I’m based in Nottingham so would need to sort a courier but that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m wanting them for my X reg 5 speed GTI. Thanks Jamie
  2. HappyPie

    Lupo tow bar

    Sorry sold it this week.
  3. HappyPie

    Lupo tow bar

    I have available for sale a Lupo specific towbar. It comes complete with wiring and towbar cover. Looking for £40 collected from Nottingham. May be able to assist with delivery anywhere between Nottingham and York
  4. HappyPie

    breaking a lupo gti

    Do you have the drivers side electric window motor and regulator?
  5. HappyPie

    My horn isn't horny anymore

    Thanks v. much for this post. Horn on my 5spd lupo now sorted at virtually no cost. HappyPie
  6. HappyPie

    smooth boot, exhaust and things. NEEDS TO GO!

    Do you have the drivers window motor and mechanism?
  7. Hi 6.25 hrs sounds about right. My mechanic just stripped the driver's door but said the process manouvring the wiring was really fiddly and that access under the dash was extremely poor. I've been using him for years on a variety of cars and he really is excellent. Altho he said it took him 5 to 6 hrs to do the work involved he only charged me for 3 hrs plus materials so my £100 bill seems a bit of a bargain. Only down side is that he mixed up the windows on the driver's door window switch. Given the hassle of this job I don't feel inclined to ask him to undo his work so I'll just get used to it being the other way round! Many thanks for the updates and pics which helped speed up my diagnosis. I think other cars as they get older will undoubtedly suffer this issue. HappyPie
  8. Just had exactly the same central locking/window/alarm problem with my GTI. In my case the mechanic repaired each of the damaged cables (9 were broken and 4 fused together). Whole job took about 5 hours! His view was that the cabling wasn't sufficiently specced for long term use. Mine is a 2000 X reg and has done 60K so has seen quite a few years opening and shutting of the door as well as seasonal temperature changes that contribute to the cable becoming brittle. By the sounds of it these sort of problems will become more frequent for lupos as they get older. Either that or people will put up with gradually loosing various bits of their electrics. I can't help thinking that some of the problems others have had with window switches may in fact be down to the cabling. I'd be interested to know how much installation of the harness cost RallyeBaz as my guy seemed to imply it would be quite a job due to difficulties accessing behind the dashboard. On the upside he did say that VWs were better than pugs which normally go just as they go out of warranty. Happy Pie
  9. HappyPie

    Lost my petrol cap

    Many thanks for all the replies. I'm not a regular poster but am always amazed at how helpful people are on this forum. The part numbers from 99hjhm are especially helpful. The price for the non lockable option one fits in with info i got from my local VW dealer today. However they were adamant that there wasn't a lockable version. I'll go back and try them with the part number 99hjhm provided. I would quite like to keep the car original and if the lockable cap is £44 all in it seems better value than the non lockable one Happypie
  10. HappyPie

    Lost my petrol cap

    Cheers for the reply. Sounds like there maybe a standard non lockable version used on both the polo and lupo. ideally i would have liked to keep the cap lockable on the same key as the ignition but am guessing i would have to replace all the locks?! HappyPie
  11. HappyPie

    Lost my petrol cap

    Hi I've managed to leave my petrol cap at the petrol station when last filling up a week or so back, so now need a replacement. Annoyingly the lost cap was a lockable one. I assume if I get another lockable one it will have to be on a different key? Alternatively can I get a non-lockable one? Any help?advice would be much appreciated. HappyPie
  12. HappyPie

    X Plate GTi

    Experimenting son showed me this, HDR photography!
  13. HappyPie

    2x GTi's Nottingham

    First one was on Monday around about 5.30 on wilford lane. Plate was something like FL04 ***. Second was on Tuesday at around 8.30pm on the A52. Was red but couldn't see the plate becuase we were on the other side of the road. Anyone?
  14. HappyPie

    Silver GTi

    That'll Be us then...First Spot
  15. HappyPie

    Silver GTi

    If it was an x reg and around about half 12 it was probably me.

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