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  1. Silver!

    G60's on Fox?

    I have some. Just about to take my winter tyres off and put them on something else. Good condition, no kurbing. if you are willing to send a courier, I’m sure we can do a deal; suitable to yourself.
  2. Silver!

    Rear speakers ( non gti)

    You’ll also either need GTI cards with mesh,or modify yours.
  3. Silver!

    Spaces on richs stand. HELP

    What are you offering?
  4. Silver!

    GTI Upgrades

    I bought new calipers all round a couple of years back and they were exactly the same. the guy I use for servicing is a VW Master Tech and when he compared them said they are identical to the old. i was thinking the same as you, SEAT, Skoda, or another manufacturer’s branding.
  5. Silver!

    Spaces on richs stand. HELP

    What the RW 001s?
  6. Silver!

    Club Lupo Keyrings

    Hi All, We as a forum have talked, talked and talked about, this; the cows came home and we talked some more, but nothing ever came to fruition. So... The lovely people at www.houseoflogos.co.uk have offered to create a limited run of Club Lupo keyrings based on the original Club Lupo logo which was in use when I joined the forum in 2003. Cost is £5 including delivery See the image below for some samples of their work or have a trip to their website. You will see that they have some pretty well known and prestigious customers. So to gauge interest, please note on this thread: Club Lupo Keyrings ...how many you would like to purchase. Once Tom and the team have an idea, they can start producing. Cheers! Silver!
  7. Silver!

    Spaces on richs stand. HELP

    We need to make a better effort next year. Me included. It's in my diary.
  8. Silver!

    Now that's a colour . . .

    I can't see what the **** you said. 😂
  9. Silver!

    Now that's a colour . . .

    What did you say? ****?
  10. Silver!

    RARE RARE RARE !!!!!

    And on this one:
  11. Originally they were bolted not bonded, so unless someone has bonded it when it was sprayed, it should come off simple enough. Funnily enough though; IIRC @bossjohnchad issues with his spoiler under warranty and returned it a few times for fixing. The final time it was sprayed, they fitted it using a bonding kit. He never had the problem again.
  12. Silver!

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    I remember the 70's when it was a big thing.
  13. Wow, seen bubbling and the odd popped blister, but never that. Has it been re-sprayed at previously?
  14. Silver!

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    Not really a fan on daily road going tyres; more of a Jap scene thing, but the lettering looks good and clear. It's your car, so whatever floats your boat. S!
  15. Silver!

    Arosa picture thread.

    Post one picture of your Arosa, as in the Lupo section. No comments, please pm "owner" if you need. See if this works.
  16. Silver!

    Brake Light Switch

    Keep it on topic please.
  17. Silver!

    Small aesthetic mods

    Be sure to start you own thread when you get her
  18. Silver!

    Who’s this?

    Now that would be giving away @Rich's haunts...
  19. Silver!

    Who’s this?

    On second thoughts that looks like a cemetery we walked through in Durham. Was the GTI silver?
  20. Silver!

    Who’s this?

    Was it a black GTI?
  21. Silver!

    Club Lupo Banner...

    May I ask, who currently has the Club Lupo Banner?
  22. Silver!

    One for Rich!

    @Old Timerhas he been in touch yet? @Rich
  23. Cam cover surely ??‍♂️
  24. Silver!

    One for Rich!

    I’ll message him on WhatsApp...
  25. Silver!

    One for Rich!


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